Sunday, August 31, 2008

Things that make me laugh

As I was washing the dishes from dinner tonight I started thinking about all of the funny things that made me laugh at church this week. I seriously started laughing out loud - I seriously need to get out more. Here are the highlights

1. Today Tye had to give a talk in primary so he started giving his talk and out of the blue this little boy farted - just like no big deal - the funny thing was he wasn't even embarrassed, he didn't even crack a smile - just farted. I on the other hand couldn't stop laughing.

2. When Taylor was taking the sacrament she took one swallow of her water, then chocked and then spit all of the water back in the water tray - I seriously started laughing and so did the poor deacon passing the water - Wes just looked at him and said "You might not want to use that tray anymore."

3. Today the missionaries brought an investigator to church and just as we were getting ready for sacrament the ladies phone went off - totally loud playing a deaf leopard song - They poor lady was as pink as her pink wrangler's!

4. About two weeks ago at Church we were stopped in the hall by this guy, he was talking to us etc...he's a little different, to say it nicely, anyway we got to the car and Wes was like "that guy is a weird-o," then today after church he invited us over for dinner, I looked at Wes's face and I lost it... I seriously could not stop laughing...what are the chances!

5. Every Sunday after church the kids line up at the Bishop's office and if they can tell the Bishop what they learned that day he gives them a treat. Well Tate of course, walks out with 2 treats. When we got to the car I asked him "Why did you get two treats?" he said "Well I thought about stealing one, and then I just asked him for two, and told him my mom needs a snack for the way home"

This didn't happen at Church, but it is totally a taste of my life...what I go through with 3 very honest kids.

When we were at the Tundra Lodge Taylor and I were floating the lazy river and this guy floated by on a tube, and he was REALLY hairy, Taylor said "Hey Mom that guy is really hairy - maybe him's a bear" - then she growled - it was hilarious, but my face was three shades of red.

Tonight for Dinner we invited one of the workers at the ranch over. Towards then end of the night I changed into my usual Pj's to get more comfortable - I was putting the boys down for bed and Tate accidently grabbed my pants and they totally fell, he didn't say anything but I can totally image this guys thoughts.... - "What kind of underwear are those!!"

P.S. Taylor just looked at me and said "Mom why are you laughing so hard, your teeth are showing"...if she only knew!

The Fab 5 Jr. Edition

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The Fab 5

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Tundra Lodge!

What a Place! For the past few days we took a little vacation to the Tundra Lodge, it's only about 20 minutes from our house, but it was incredible! It was so nice to get away and relax a little bit. This place made me miss all of our family, there were so many families there having family reunions, it made me homesick. There were all of these grandma's and grandpa's floating around on the lazy river,with their grandkids swimming by them, it was darling.

The place is fabulous, all of our meals,the waterpark and tokens to the arcade were included in our package, plus they give you these mugs to fill up on free soda all through the park. They have 5 pools, all with different theme's and then huge hot tubs. Plus they have two sections just for little kids where the water is shallow so you don't have to worry. (Nikki, your boys would love this place)

For the first time in years I actually laid out in the sun, ordered a smoothie and just relaxed, I'm so ready to go back. Check this place out...

Wes & Taylor going down the slide, you would barely come out of the shoot and Taylor would say "Again Daddy" luckily there were two of us to take her.

One pool had an obstacle course, the boys loved it, even Wes gave it a whirl - and actually made it through. This is was the best pool, because they boys were so exhausted by the end of the day, that were asleep by 8:00!

In the kids pool they had a little slides and hoses, and faucets and a huge jungle gym for the kids to play in.
Tye on the lazy river. Truthfully, if someone would have taken a picture of me, that's where I spent most of my time - it was Great - can you tell how much I love this place!
The entire park was a rustic lodge and so it was FULL of animals, there were all kinds of elk, deer, moose, bear, mountain lions that were hanging on the walls, even the waterpark had all of these little bear, elf and moose statues that shot water out.

Wes has been working so much that he actually fell asleep like this! I'm so glad we were able to take a break, just enjoy life and be together as a family!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waiting for life to slow down..

These past few days have been so busy. I'll tell you everything that I have going on.

1. The Barn: the construction crew started on the barn and poured all of the concrete, and then last night the plumber came to trench the water lines, and they poured over the lines. (We had them pour concrete all across the back of the house and now they will have to tear it up to get to the water lines) Our trusses got delivered this morning at 5:30 and I'll spend a couple hours today with the electrician finalizing all the outlets, lights etc...They should have the framing done today and by next week, we'll have a Barn!

2. Planning a Open House for Calf Source - I love to plan parties and this will be a big one. We are having a open house at Calf Source and inviting all the Dairies we do business with and Dairies we want to do business with. I have been designing brochures, making the invitations, ordering the tent, table & chairs, getting the menu finalized and just every little detail - I bit off more than I can chew right now, but when the boys start school next week, it will be a little easier.

3. Wes is busy getting the ranch ready, he's working long hours, but tonight he gets to go to the the Packer Football game in a SUITE, he picked up his ticket on Tuesday and it looks so nice, there was a menu included and it's just a little out of our league - but he will have a great time.

4. Today is back to school day and we go and meet the teachers, hand in our school supplies and pay for lunches etc...I hope the boys get great teachers.

5. I've spent the last few days cleaning, organizing and redecorating the office at Calf Source, I've ordered new furniture, bought the paint but I just need the time to put it all together. I am almost done decorating my house, but need to find the right window treatments.

6. Can I emphasize enough how much I miss my house cleaner - with small boys I have to clean the bathroom daily - I just miss having someone do the deep cleaning for me. But hopefully I can scrub my house today and get it over with. I have laundry coming out my ears!

7. I wanted to do something fun for this weekend so I found a place called the Tundra Lodge here in Wisconsin - so we are going to get away for the weekend - we need it! Wes wanted to go camping with the horses, but I just don't have time to plan for one more thing, plus camping requires so much preparation - and then clean up when you get home, with school starting I just though a resort sounded so much I terrible or what?

The following are all pictures that I took at the county fair - it was a fun little fair - so fun we went 3 times!

Taylor was in Love with the pigs - we spent so much time watching these pigs - now the kids want pigs as pets - I'm not ready for that.

This is a picture of Wes with his new boss - they buy most of the 4-H kids animals - they are biggest buyers, and donate a lot of money. This year and Wes puchased the fair "Grand Champion Steer" it was a lot of fun.

This is Tate's & I favorite ride - I can't count how many times we went on this ride - it's a Rathje Favorite!

Wes saw this truck at the fair and said take a picture for Tanner - this is a classic - only in Wisconsin - eat your heart out Tanner!

These pictures were taken from the rodeo - our kids love the rodeo - Tate was just mad he couldn't ride a bull - I've got to keep that boy as far away from bulls as possible, or I'm going to be in trouble.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The wrong animals in cages

Last week Wes & I took the kids to this Nature Park Zoo - I realized they had the wrong animals in cages. Below you will find a nice little porcupine minding his own business, looking like a nice little creature, behaving minding his own business.

Observe the following pictures closely, of my little animals or creatures -depending on the day.

Posing for the visitors

Causing havoc!

Knowing who's really number 1 - and in charge; "Yeah Baby" as Sissy always says

Doing Tricks

Making funny noises and faces...

Now you tell me which animals really belong locked up!

Actually we really had a fun day, I'll take my crazy kids anytime. We never have a dull moment. In fact the missionaries were over for dinner last night and they asked, is it always this crazy - and I said Yes, it's always this fun.

We love you all!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Our new Neighbors

In our front yard we have one of those little streaming pond things, (that I haven't got to work yet), however the boys found their newest friends.....


And of course, there is Taylor, wanting nothing to do with the frogs - but happily posing in her new sparkle sunglasses - and no shirt! Heaven help us!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a Sunday!

Sunday Morning, the boys teach Taylor to wear boxers, we already have problems trying to get her to wear shirts, this does not help the situation.

Of course, you know Tye - has to throw in the "Wedge"

Tate decided he wanted to wear his cowboy clothes to church, so we let him.

Taylor posing in her pok-a-dot dress! I'm glad Wes had her pull up her dress, because her legs are covered with bruises, cuts and scars!

The best picture of the Day

Tate loves his "Buckle Belt" he is obsessed with wearing it - he had Wes take a special picture of it - this is for you Grandpa Davis!

Before Dinner Taylor wanted to make a cake - which was fine but look at the way my kids woof up that cake batter, they were literally using all fingers to lick the bowl - maybe their my kids after all!!

Wes standing on a bar stool killing the flies...he hates Flies! He will seriously come home from work and ask me If I've killed any flies, I usually say no, but I have a child I'm really contemplating - seriously what kind of question is that?

This is hilarious - watch the sequence of photos - Taylor dumped all of this salt on her Meat at dinner and she thought it was so funny. Instead of yelling at her I just let her eat it! Take a look at the next pictures...

I was so lucky my camera was sitting on the counter - it was so funny!
The following are pictures of Wes playing baseball with the boys, Tye wants to pitch when he plays next year so Wes has been teaching him. I wish every afternoon could be this nice.

This picture gives you a great shot of our front yard, it's so nice, and you can see how we are surrounded by corn fields - it really is beautiful!

Goodnight from Taylor - and of course, she does not have a shirt on,

but I think she's over the salt issue!