Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!

Today, 4 years ago at 2:45 pm Taylor Michelle, my only baby girl was born....

Suddenly a new kind of happiness came into our family.

Tate got his new Best Friend

Tye had his new "Sissy" Dad found his "Princess"

and Mom think's we've known each other for eternity

At 1, she was shy, timid and very observant.

At 2, a little spark of personality appeared
By 3, she had found her "calling" in life...according to her.

And at 4, she still is and always will be one of the happiest things that ever happened to Us!

Happy Birthday Miss Taylor Michelle, Your Family Loves you!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Days to Remember.....or not?

It was just another Monday…Right? I decided I needed to write this post for my posterity. I also decided that days like Monday should be kept and remembered because one day I’ll look back and miss this…so they say!
Monday Morning around 4:45 I wake up in between Tye and Taylor in bed. I snuggle up to each one, and then realize Tye is burning with fever. Knowing I had a sick child cancelled all my plans for the day, but I thought I could still manage a few things. I then sneak out and start getting ready for Presidency Meeting. I make cinnamon rolls, muffins, do the dishes, pick up the house, clean the bathroom as Tate is crawling out of bed and Taylor is crying because I won’t let her make hot chocolate in her kitchen.
I get Tate up, pack his lunch, make breakfast, find his snow clothes scattered through the house and get him off to school. I get back just in time to type up an agenda for Presidency meeting and put the finishing touches on the New beginnings Invitations. 9:00 Presidency Arrives to Taylor crying because Tye’s not sharing the wii. 11:00 Presidency meeting is done, Taylor starts crying because they are leaving (why….I have NO idea)
I do the dishes from breakfast at presidency meeting, and go to my friend’s web site to find the recipes I need for Dinner with the missionaries that night(Thank you Chris-I rely on that way to much). Start getting the ham ready, fix lunch for Tye and Taylor, start making a fruit salad. Taylor starts crying because she wants cereal, instead of a sandwich. The phone rings, it’s the school and Tate has a Temperature of 102 and I need to go and get him.
After that called Wes and told him I have to run to the grocery store, because I don’t have everything I need for Dinner, he comes home and takes over with sick kids. Talk to our friend who is a financial planner and tells us how much money we are losing in the stock market. Get the mail and realize I haven’t paid the bills for the month. I run to the grocery store get home; look at the mess that is created by having children home from school but start cooking. Wes goes back to work. Check my email, post a small blog and Cook a pound of bacon to go into another salad. Make the potatoes, Jell-O salad, green bean casserole and start to finish the last salad, and the bacon disappeared. I hurry cook another pound of bacon, get the broccoli salad finished and decide that it’s too quite in the basement. I go down stairs to find cinnamon rolls upside down on the carpet and my kids watching "Flipper" eating the pound of bacon. I scream (Taylor cries) tell them that they are not allowed food in the basement and get out the Green Machine (This is the best invention in the world….a little portable carpet cleaner) to get frosting out of the carpet.
I get finished, get upstairs, do the dishes, and set the table (and Taylor cries because I started without her and she wanted to put the forks on) by this point I’m running out of steam. I hide the table centerpiece in the tub behind the shower curtain because I’m too tired to carry everything down stairs. I look at the bathroom, realizing I’ve got to clean it again, (I have little boys remember). I pay Tate 25 cents to clean the toilet and I start picking up the disaster of memory, sorry and chutes and ladders all over the living room floor. Taylor cries, because I’m putting her games away. I grab the vacuum again, check on the food cooking and realize I haven’t even combed my hair for the day. It’s close to 5, I have a half hour till they arrive so I head for the tub, and realize it is literally the first time I have sat down for the day. Taylor walks in, starts crying because she wants to take a bath. The phone rings for the 11th time and it's my Aunt in California telling me that she thinks my mother has had a stoke, spend the next hour calling my sister, Aunt Delrae and Dad and deciding if my Mom should go in for her heart pacer surgery Wednesday.

Pull myself together and make a poor attempt to comb my hair and put on lipstick, start filling up the glasses for dinner and the emptied the dishwasher for the 4th time and Wes walks in and starts helping. Taylor starts crying because Wes puts the silverware away, he sends her to her room because "he does not want to listen to her cry"……..WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!!!

The missionaries arrive, my kids are sick, irritable, tired and have terrible fevers. We finish dinner, have family home evening with the elders, (we have 3 sets of missionaries in our ward….in case you were wondering why I have to cook the amount of food that I do) They bring such a nice spirit in our home that I forget (for a minute) how much effort it took to survive the day. My kids fall asleep all over the floor, the missionaries leave. I look at the mess…more dirty dishes and Wes starts begging me to come to bed instead of doing the dishes. (He’s soooo tired and would feel guilty if I stayed up to clean up) I go to bed….knowing that in the morning I will be waking up to more dishes…..and probably Taylor crying!!!!!

So in another 20 years, and my toilets are urine free, my house is clean, there are no board games scattered, my carpet actually stays clean, I sleep with Wes alone, I actually remember to comb my hair, can maybe fill a dishwasher once a day, have peace & quiet and no crying, will be to old to be YW president and too tired to fix a 6 course meal for the missionaries and being the one on the edge of having a stroke, I want to remember these days........................maybe!

Home Sweet Home.....Sometimes,Right?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chapter two - The Tea Party

I've dug myself into a hole.....Taylor now knows what it's like to have a Birthday Party and since my family SPOILED - i mean SPOILED the daylights out of her, she keeps asking me when she gets to have another Bippidi Boopidi Boo party (as she calls it). I keep telling her that is only happens once in a while, she thinks it should be a daily event. The party couldn't have been better, thank you to my wonderful family who 1. Spoils my children 2. Love me unconditionally and 3. who I couldn't live without! The pictures are below.....

Taylor's Princess Tea Party

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip Summary - Chapter 1 California

All right, I will admit it, California was can anyone not love the place (minus traffic) but I love it. Of course, I also do not know many 30 year olds who love Disneyland as much as me...Here is a re-cap of our adventure!

The Entry picture...where our clothes and faces are still clean and my hair is halfway decent. Taylor's face when she realizes there is a 2 hour line to see the princesses....that was of course the whole reason for the trip....according to Taylor.

I of course was thrilled that It's a small world ride was open again (after construction) I was excited to go.....Tye and Tate started immediately, "This is a Baby Ride" ..."I'm not going on some stupid ride with Dolls"...."This is crap (a saying my kids use way to much)"....Notice Tye's face in the next picture....he was not happy....

The ironic part, is once we got inside and started going through all the country's the boys liked it as much as Taylor. We would go around each corner and they would try to figure out what country we were in. We turned a corner into a farm and they screamed "Were in Wisconsin", the next corner was a desert and they yelled "Now were in Arizona".

Wes thought I was crazy when I said that was one of my funnest rides, but I have so many lifetime memories climbing on those boats with all my family over the years, that I loved it, now I have a family of my own, it's amazing how much time changes.

I honestly can't tell you how many times we just sat on the park benches, enjoyed the sunshine and nice weather and ate snacks. Seriously Disneyland makes a killing on my pocket book, by the time the snackfest is over! We can seriously inhale, churros, cotton candy (my favorite) lemonade freeze things, ice cream and Wes went on a limb and bought this huge Turkey was out of control, my sister totally was grossed out, but my kids ate it up. Unbelievable!

This is how we roll at Disney...the problem is the kids want to race and my sister and husband can be a little competitive, but it's part of the fun! I won't even admit how many people we have run into!

So you can't go to Disneyland without trying on some of the crazy hats. I tried to talk my kids into buying those mickey ears with their spending money, and no way. It didn't even thrill them that they would embroider their names on them. They wanted these out of control hats that I honestly would not spend money on. (Honestly where would you even wear those????)

Tate, of course with the big clown hat......describes him perfect!

The kids loved that we put on the wedding hats, and started squealing when Wes kissed me....they think that is sooooo funny when Mom & Dad kiss! (If they only knew.....)

Tye, of course the Goofy Hat.

All right. For the first time we actually sat through the entire "Jedi Training Program" and luckily Tye was picked to participate in fighting "The Dark Side".....I am so not into Star Wars, but he thought he was pretty hot stuff up there fighting.

I only had one request. I wanted to take a family picture in front of the castle. As always, I get the shaft. The boys were off riding the rides so I asked my Sister to take Taylor & I picture. Just as I picked Taylor up from the stroller, her stroller fell on the ground and she totally started crying because she thought the wheat thins were going to much for our cute family picture in front of the castle. can't marry a cowboy from Wyoming, and not stop at the gun post. Look how serious they take this......You could scream... "Fire"..."Help"... and they wouldn't even budge or hear you!

Well as you guessed, my boys aren't into characters, standing in line to see them is a brutal process for them, but we just happened to bump into Woody & his friend. They grabbed my kids hands and started walking with was actually really cute!

Some people don't like California Adventure as much as Disneyland, but we like it. I did manage to pull off a family picture this day!

I also so lucky that my lovely Sister always takes time to come with us! We all love her so much, you are fabulous!

The next two pictures are the "calm" before the "storm" type pictures. We thought we were being so sneaky and sly because we sneaked Taylor on the rapid ride, she's just a little too small. We were so excited, got on the tube, buckled up and ..........

made a GRAVE mistake putting Taylor in between Wes & Karry

She got SOAKED, i mean SOAKED. All she did was cry, this wave came cashing down on her, and it was brutal. I personally couldn't stop laughing which made her madder, but I did end up feeling sorry for her. Her clothes were so wet that we stripped her down and bought new ones. It didn't turn out as fun as planned, but it's another fun memory and that's what vacations are all about.

Have you ever wished for things, get your wish, and wonder why you wished for that. Note, example below. Tate has always been scared of fast rides, which has been tough because everyone else likes them. Well a new leaf was turned. He found himself liking it so much, we went on California Screaming 7 times......7 a row.....7 times....I am definitely getting old, 7 times about did me in!

We finally went into the Brother Bear exhibit, it actually was enjoyable just strolling along the trails. I loved this picture of Wes & Sissy hand in hand.

and Tate as "The Man" of the club house, he was awesome at the jungle gym!

and finally...we made it to the Princesses for Taylor, the boys got embarrassed because Ariel made them kiss her hands, but it was darling. Taylor could stay in there for hours talking to each princess posing for pictures and singing them songs. It melts my heart every time!

So that sums up 3 lovely days at Disneyland, truly one of the funnest places!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

On our Way

I can't wait....12 hours and counting.
  1. To see my family
  2. To hang out with my cousins
  3. To not have to bundle my kids in snow suits
  4. To see the sunshine
  5. To have Winchelle's Donuts
  6. To wear a short sleeve shirt
  7. To take care of my mom
  8. To do some shopping
  9. To celebrate Taylors Birthday
  10. To take a break & relax
  11. To not have to drive on snow packed roads
  12. and to go to......
Although I am sooooo sad it will be our last trip.