Thursday, April 29, 2010

Days go by...

I really have a love/hate relationship with this blogging world. I do absolutely love to visit every ones cute sites, but keeping up with our little world is sometimes impossible. I vowed to myself I was going to start doing this on a regular basis. However, I have also vowed in the last few months to walk in a 10K, and I have yet to hit the pavement. So I will quit making 77 excuses and start with the update.

Easter: Was actually one of the most successful Easter's we've ever had. Usually one child finds more eggs than the other, or the Easter Bunny leaves the wrong kind of gum. Trust me, we've had some Easter issues. This year, fabulous. We dyed over 8 Dozen eggs (I know borderline ridiculous, but the kids love it) We usually make eggs for everyone in the family. Although Tye decided to make the different NFL Teams...shocker!

The sparkle eggs, are mine...who doesn't like a little bling!

We actually went to 3 Different Easter Egg Hunts throughout the day. I'm telling you , Wisconsin can have some hoppin hunts! We came home with so many toys and candy, I could have saved the Easter Bunny some money! Luckily we have great friends to join us is these adventures.

Lexington Kentucky

A highlight of the spring was when we were able to take Tate to Lexington Kentucky. It was just Wes and I with Tate. We try every year to do a little something with each child individually and it is always worth every second. (and penny) Tate LOVES horses, and it obsessed with Horse Racing. At first, he wanted to be a jockey, but we all know that is out of the question. He then decided he wants to be a horse trainer. He literally spends hours and hours training his horses. If you ever drive past our house and see a little boy trotting around in circles, don't worry, he's just training. In fact on Wednesday I asked him to help me pick up the trash from the wind. He looked at me, dead face and said. "Don't you know what this week is like for me?" I just kind of shook my head, and thought, What? In my mind I'm thinking 2 things. 1. You have school, and baseball practice....Whoa! 2. Take a look at my calendar buddy! He then looked me straight in the eyes and said. "It's Derby Week!" Off he ran, getting his horses ready for the Kentucky Derby. (Which happens to be today, and yes we have planned a little Pizza Party for the occasion....the things you do for your children!)

We spent 5 days and 4 nights visiting every horse sanctuary you can think of.

The Thoroughbred Training Center, The Equestrian Horse Park, different horse farms, retired horse farms, you name it, we saw it! Tate was in heaven the entire time! The horse below is actually the horse they used to film the movie Sea Biscuit, his real name is Popcorn.

I Love This Picture, I would love to be in his little mind,

I can just imagine what he is dreaming about!

On the last day of the trip, he actually got to meet his "Dream Horse" Big Brown! It truly was a very magical day for him. There is nothing better in this world than to watch the little dreams of your children come true. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!

FYI, Tate literally had me take over 450 pictures of this trip, 107 of them are of Big Brown!

Unfortunately Wes had to leave early for a business meeting in Indianapolis, but the morning he left we took take to the Keenland Horse Track, ate breakfast with the Jockey's and watched the morning horse workouts.

What was fabulous, was my Best Friend, and Sister joined us!
Luckily, she was a good sport about the whole situation, except for the breading farm we got to visit up close & Personal!
I did make it up with fancy hotel & Chocolate cake each night for dessert!

So you can't visit Kentucky without going on a horse back ride. However, if you go to the Kentucky Horse Park and get "Lips" - the horse pictured above. Ask for your money back!
It was the worst horse,

I should have known by the

stupid fly mask it had on.

Tate thought his horse looked more like a mule,
but we still had fun.

The horse parks, barns and horses
were all very beautiful. I will

definitely visit Kentucky again.

But what I will remember

the most is laughing

with my sister and

watching the dreams of this

7 year old little boy

come true!

Taylor also turned 5. (My Baby is 5, and personally I'm having some issues with it...)

We spent much of February/March celebrating her little life.

She truly is our little princess so we had a little "Princess Night" for her. We dressed her up and took her out to Dinner and then to Disney's Princesses on Ice!

Seriously, who does not love

Disney on Ice!

Even the boys enjoyed it.

It was so fun to see her so excited
as each princess came out and
did their dance.

For days later all she
would do was "Ice Skate" around
our house, asking when they are
coming back to "Isconsin".

We also had her Birthday Party. Chuck E Cheese was not really the party theme I had in mind. In fact Wes kept asking her, don't you want to do this? Don't you want to do that? But she was adamant about having her Party at good old Chuck E Cheeses!

She invited 18 little friends, and the party began.

It was actually the easiest birthday party I have ever thrown.

The most ironic part is that when Chucky came out to sing Happy Birthday, she got so scared.

She did not want one thing to do with Chucky, even if he was giving

away free tokens.

She soon cheered soon as the Present Began!

She loved all the attention. On her birthday all of her family called to wish her Happy Birthday.

Every time the phone rang, she would run in and say. "It's for Me!"

This is a picture of her little cousins in Wyoming Singing to her!

My favorite part of the month was her end of year dance recital. She was so fun to watch.

During the car ride there, she kept saying..."I'm so nervous, I'm so big is the stage...are people going to be watching me...I'm no nervous..."
She was Fabulous!

Her big part in the dance, too bad her underwear are hanging out!

Of Course, Dad brought her flowers!

Because she finished the whole year she got to go to Build a Bear and

make "Marrying" Bears as she calls them.

As for Tye:

He moved from his full leg cast to his half leg cast. He then wore a walking boot for a month. We are currently in the Physical Therapy process, 3 times a week. Six hours a week traveling back and forth to therapy. The sad part is that he is not healing as fast as we had anticipated. He lost a lot of strength and still walks with a limp, his hip is also in bad shape. But he keeps going!

He's started to ride again, but can't put his foot in the stir-ups.

He is currently

with Turkey Hunting. He will be old enough in the fall to hunt,

so they have been leaving early in the
mornings and heading to the blind.

Twice they have called the birds into
shooting range so they better watch out in the
fall. It looks like he is following his dad's footsteps.

Wes is always busy just working and being a Dad.

We did make Davis family

history when we acutally got

kites to fly for the first time. We usually

have to tie them to the back of the 4-wheeler.

Now, if we can catch a fish sometime

during this earthy voyage,

we'll be in good shape!

As for me, I did celebrate my birthday. Wes & the kids planned a birthday party for me. For the 1st time in our marriage, Wes actually made me a cake. He called my sister for directions, but when the cake batter didn't fill the whole pan he got worried and made another mix. You can imagine, a heart cake, burnt on the sides and jiggly in the middle. Nevertheless it was one of the sweetest gifts I have ever had on my birthday!

If I ever have to load this many pictures on blogger again, I will shoot myself, this post has been disaterous...but hopefully you all enjoyed!

PS. We also got rid

of our little shetlin was scared of adults!

It was a crazy horse anyway!