Thursday, February 25, 2010

While the boys are away

Last weekend Wes took the boys to Winter Scout Camp. My original plans went something like this. "While the boys were away, the girls were going to play!" However, after they came
home with the camera I think we might have got the raw end of the deal....

Waving Goodbye to chaos and hello to peace, is what I thought.....

Since Tye's wheelchair and crutches aren't 4 wheel drive, we took up a sled and Wes & Tate took turns pulling him around to all of the activities.
They ice fished, went on a scavenger hunt, did some sort of widdling badge and orienteering badge, but the one part my boys do not love to participate in, is the skits and is a very dreadful night, for them
(and for Wes - scout skits - painful!)
Notice the smiling faces below.

During all of the activities Wes did manage to snap a few great pictures,
below are my favorites from the trip.

You would think having a full leg cast would hold this boy back, but he managed a few rides down the sledding hill.

I loved this pictures of Wes & the boys...thank you to who ever took it!

As for Sissy & I, not to much to mention. We cleaned the house, danced, did the laundry, listened to Princess songs, danced, watched Barbie nutcracker more times than I want to remember, we mopped the floors and danced, made cupcakes (surprise surprise) played school and danced, read books, went to the grocery store, paid the bills, danced, organized the coat closet, and to think I was actually looking forward to it all.
(Did I mention that we danced?)
We did get to go see a play, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and went out to eat, she choose KFC - literally, KFC - it was terrible, but I smiled as she ate her mac and cheese, at least I got a break from dancing!

The majority of the time we spent getting ready for New Beginnings. We had a full dinner and a great program, with all the help from my dear friends, the night turned out fabulous!

See those fancy Puff flowers and balls - thanks to the queen of decor, my sweet Ashley, the night could not have gone better!

Note to self: next time Wes takes the boys away for the weekend, hire a housekeeper, sprain my ankle, do not attempt New Beginnings, remember to tell Taylor the DVD\CD player is broke and KFC is closed, at least take one picture (although no one wants to see a picture of me dancing around in my nightgown with a mop in my hand.) Pray for sunshine (so I have a desire to leave the house) have more candy in the house (to keep my energy level to that of a 4 year old,) and start watching "so you think you can dance" to brush up on my dance moves.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lovely Valentines

I have never been one of those girls who have thought that a way to a women's heart is through food. But just like many other things, I was wrong. This past weekend seriously bumped me up to the next pants size.

On Friday Wes & I sneaked away for massages and breakfast at this great restaurant in Appleton called the Machine Shed, I am a Breakfast FAN, and we never get the chance. I ordered the Farmers Special, which basically included everything you can think of. Ok, it wasn't anything compared to the Gunther House in San Antonio, but much better than your IHop/Denny's ordeals.
On Saturday it was our turn to host a Dinner Group, we had a fabulous menu.
Tortilla Soup, Cheese Dip, Black Bean Salsa, a salad with some cilantro
lime dressing that I could seriously drink, and Carne Asado Tacos - with beans and rice (that I burned). To top everything off my friend (who is a master chef) made this dessert, that was a little slice of heaven - I don't even know what it is called. I'm not even a rich chocolate fan, but I might be converted. She left me a slice of pie and seriously at 5:40 am on Sunday (Valentines) I couldn't resist!
What a Breakfast! It looked so much prettier the night before - but you get the idea!

As soon as the kids woke up we made our annual Sugar cookies.
(Thank you Chris, I still use your recipe - it's the best!)
After Church our Friends joined us for a Candle Light Dinner. We ate ribeye's, parmesan potatoes, corn, pinacolada smoothies, bread and
my friend brought these brownies - they were delicious!
I also decided it was time for a little Chocolate Covered Strawberries
- with White Chocolate, my favorite!

And to top everything off, my other friend gave me this loaf of Bread, that was mostly consumed - by my husband. He even asked me if I would call her and ask her to make some more! It was so moist, unbelievable, I get hungry just thinking about it!

The last piece - trust me, there will be a battle!

I did get even more spoiled, this time not with food - but Diamonds.
He Still Loves Me!!!!!!

Wes always felt bad that he didn't pick out my first Wedding ring, so a few months ago we started looking at rings. I had found a few that I like when he pulled this ring out of the counter. He said, if you going to get a ring, then you better get a ring, and handed me this one.
(Let's just mention it's one of the few times I choose not to argue with him - instead I said, "Hope you brought your checkbook Cowboy!")
I Love, Love, Love it, (I should have let him pick out the first one!)
I am a very lucky girl, and after this weekend,
I should say I'm a very lucky chunky girl!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hey Ya'll

Well Wes & I were lucky enough to spend last week in San Antonio Texas. We had a great time, there's something about Texas, but I'm not sure how to explain it. The service we had at the restaurants, our hotel and just while we were shopping was outstanding, impeccable. We were treated like royalty, it must have been the Texas hospitality, but it was lovely. I have never been called Ma'am so many times in my life and every time we entered a restaurant, shop, exhibit the first questions was "How Ya'll doin?"
I loved the architecture, and all of the old buildings and landmarks.
There is a lot of history in San Antonio.

Texas was originally established by Spain, and this church reminded me my mission and the little town Plazas with their churches. (By the way Mission Comps, they even had the nuns wondering around, pigeons, and old men in the plaza playing chess, I totally felt like I was back in the islands, just needed my Libro de Mormon!)

San Antonio is famous for it's Riverwalk. It is very unique, all through downtown there is a river. You take Taxi's on the river to get to the different venue's. You can also walk for hours exploring the different shops, but the best part is the FOOD. It is divine, really divine!
You can also take tour cruises, which Wes & I did, and enjoyed. The next picture is what it looks like going down the river, the following picture is one I asked someone to take. (Wes absolutely hates when I ask people to do that, hence the fake smile.)

I have been married to Wes for Almost 12 years, and Boot shopping with him, has almost consumed 11.3 years. He is so funny about his boots! However, he splurged and bought a pair of "Lucchese's". They are custom, handmade, pricey, Cowboy boots, and they are Fancy!!! He walked around in the store for hours (OK - Hour) trying on the different styles. Texans know their boots because everywhere Wes wore them, all everyone said was...."Nice Boots!"

We had to visit the Alamo, we actually went to a IMax movie next door to learn in depth about the history. It is a very sad story that I believe helped shape the future of our nation. It's always amazing to me the price people paid for the freedom of our country. It's a blessing so unnoticed at times.

One of my favorite places to visit was the San Antonio Missions.

You have to know the history of the "Missions" to appreciate them. This mission was actually built in the early 1700's, fifty families were brought over from "The Canary Islands" (now you will understand why I so interested, that's where I served my mission, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the people from the islands.) I also thought it was interesting they brought the islanders to start these missions to develop peace with the Indians. They were actually the first residents of Texas, and fought to preserve the Alamo. I love the people in the islands, and was so intrigued of their history in our country, and the role they played in our fight for freedom.

This church is the oldest Church in the United States, built by the islanders in the early 1700's.

In down town there is "Las Villatas" a group of shops dedicated to the early settlers, but really it is just stuff brought up from Mexico. (I did get some great deals on souvenirs for my kids.)

Now let's talk about the Food. I don't even what to comprehend how much I consumed on this trip but we ate at some of the fanciest restaurants, thanks to the clients of the Cattle Company. Bohanans, Ruth Chris, Flemmings, Lowry's Chart House (It was in one of those tall buildings, like the stratosphere, and it circled around with the view of San Antonio.)
But my serious favorite....the one I am still dreaming about, was this tiny little old Victorian restaurant that was an original flour mill.
We loved it so much, we kept going back.

Some girls love chocolate, some flowers, but for me it's Bread. Muffins, donuts, croissants, biscuits, Cinnamon rolls....I am a sucker!!!! This place had the most, and I mean most, fabulous breads, rolls, biscuits, that I do not think I can possible find better. The breakfast was honestly one of the most favorite meals I have ever eaten...IN MY LIFE!
It makes me homesick just thinking about it.

Every morning I had more and more items to take home with me!
That place is literally what I call "Paradise".

We are so lucky for Wes's job that allows us to do all these fun things, I never knew a cattle conference could be so fun. I really liked Texas, and the Gunther House Bakery, but mostly it was just fun to be together. We need it, I think every marriage needs it, for us it's just the time together to laugh, talk, relax (Yes, Wes & I have a tradition, we get massages every time we take a trip - yes, even my stubborn cowboy husband bears it all for a massage.) It rejuvenates us, were more patient with each other, and remember how easy it is to be in love. The sad part is, I'm all ready for the next one!