Monday, October 19, 2009

At Last...

My husband has been on a 9 day hunting trip, and tonight, he's home AT LAST! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that he's been able to go but let me tell you a little about the time he's been gone. I had originally planned all these little fun activities for the kids & I. I knew that trying to get all 3 kids and to their activities, plus add a few of my own was going to be rough....but I planned it out and thought I had every covered. I was also in charge of the ranch while he was gone, but recently hired a young man to help us so I thought we would be fine.
Does anything in life go as planned?

On Monday the guy we hired called in sick - for the week!!!!

By Tuesday, Sick child Number 1

By Thursday, Sick Child #2

By Friday, Sick Child #3

Although this sick child is a littler harder to deal with because she lives underneath our kitchen table. I'm not kidding. She has her bed down there, toys, books, a phone, her babies....and in her words "It's my HOUSE". If you look closely below you can see her pink phone in the sick of her kitchen. Every time I have to check on her I have to crawl done under the table....nice huh? (one more side note, she always has to have a flashlight on underneath the table....cause that's hers light!)

When she's feeling better she plays on top of the table. She's mostly into playing restaurant right now. All those pink slips of paper is how she takes orders and all the food is served as balloons. I'm not kidding, Tate had this packet of 1,000 water balloons that he got for his birthday and all your food is served as balloons. (I am so tired of picking up little balloons all over my house I could scream....I did try vacuuming them, don't recommend it!)

Tye is the worst out of the bunch. I thought it might be swine flu (I'm a little paranoid, since one of our schools in town has 40% of the kids sick with the flu) But luckily it is pneumonia. We spent two days at the hospital because he had so much fluid in his lungs. We didn't have to spend the night, just go in during the day for treatments & xrays. The funny thing is we've become addicted to the hospital cafeteria. I know it sounds disgusting....but it's fantastic! When Tye had surgery in August, we would eat there a lot, and as soon as Tye found out where we were going each day he would beg to eat there. Also it's so cheap and has the best smoothies. I would call my sister everyday and tell her what we would get for lunch and how much it would cost. Example one day: 2 Smoothies, 2 Ham Sandwiches, a croissant club sandwich ( for me of course) lg. cup of soap a salad bar, a sugar cookie, two drink, two donuts...and chocolate mouse (for me again). All for $13.65. I'm telling you, it's a steal, and the food is great. Just in case anyone wants to eat at the cafe inside Aurora Hospital!
I would call Wes each night and tell him everything that was happening between the kids and the ranch, and he felt bad. Not bad enough to hop on a plane and come home, but bad enough to get the service of Martha Stewart Flowers. com! It was a nice surprise!

So every night while he was being wined and dined eating steak and lobster at this private hunting lodge in Kansas, or his 5 day Elk hunt in Jackson Hole....I was at home, eating hospital food and thinking how much I'm glad that I'm not a single mom, thinking one sick child in hard...3 is a disaster,thinking that the fact that he puts his wet towels on my bed drives my crazy, but he's worth it, thinking that if someone actually saw the condition of my home I would die, thinking that it's time I cashed in the massage certificate I've been hanging on to, thinking I'm so glad he'll be back at the ranch, thinking I better wash all the sheets today (minus, sissy's bed - wink wink!!) thinking it's a good thing I haven't left the house in a week because my roots are so bad that a trip to the salon is 5 1/2 weeks over due, thinking that I'm not going to get away with grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner any more, thinking I'm happy that my husband had a great trip, and actually got tons of birds in Kansas and a elk in Wyoming, but mostly thinking ....that tonight, AT LAST, he's home!!!!!