Monday, March 23, 2009


So I'm in the same boat as last week. Another weeks rolls bye and I have to try and play catch up on my blogging. Life has been great, busy, but not overwhelming like some weeks. I am cooking mac-n-cheese for dinner tonight, so that buys me a little time to post a few highlights of the week.

Build a Bear - it's Tate's new obsession, and I'm not kidding when I say obsession. He went there a few weeks for a birthday party and hasn't stopped talking about it since. He keeps asking when he can go there for his birthday....Trust me, Wes and I are not thrilled about this new obsession, nor do I like the price tag that comes along with it. However we did buckle down and take him there. We made his use his own money, which he didn't mind, but he added another bear to his collection. He has plans for 3 or 4 more bears so he's been really good about cleaning the bathrooms lately. Of course once we got there it's so hard to not have fun. They really do have so many cute ideas and fun bears. It was fun to watch the kids stuff the bear, kiss the heart and all the junk you find yourself getting caught up in.
Tate picked out a black bear this time with a jogging suit and I helped him put it together. Tye was the photographer for the day, but he really did good job, although Tate looks likes he's totally buzzed.....

Wes helped Taylor (and had some help for the ladies), she picked out a glitter halter top, a mini skirt, pink cowboy boots, a hot pink purse and bright pink bows for her bear......heaven help me when she's older.

The final outcome actually turned out super cute, and I'm now an official build a bear "stuff" club member! (Too bad I can't stuff their bears with some junk from my trunk)

The next fun stop for the weekend was the Bulls and
Sorry for the interruption but Wes just saw what I fixed for dinner and asked me....."How come the more money I make the cheaper food you buy? I said, we'll I've been busy today and didn't have time to fix dinner. He said, "I don't mind the mac-n-cheese but why in the heck does it have to be great tastes like....____? Can't you at least by something decent. I can't stop laughing. I did cut up a cantaloupe and make brownies so it would at least be a three course meal.....
O.K. so the next fun stop for the week was the Dodge Rodeo circuit that came to town. Our family always has fun at the rodeo. Of course I'd never been to a rodeo before marrying Wes, but I really do like them (They always make me feel patriotic for some reason). We started going when we lived at the Village, we went to the Ogden Days Rodeo which is still one of the best ones we've ever been to. We've been to the NFR and many other big ones, but I like the little hometown rodeos. I want to have a village reunion with all our old friends one day and head to the rodeo. We use to have to wait until 7:30, because we couldn't afford the tickets every night, but I think it would be fun to round everyone up and go again. My camera battery died two minutes into the show, but we did manage a few shots.

My kids have spent the entire last week playing rodeo and once Tate found out that the cowboys won money for riding bulls he thinks he's found his calling in life. (Over my dead body)

So on Friday I really had nothing to do. It was a really beautiful day so Taylor was out sitting on her bench and I realized how terrible her hair was.....O.K. so you can't see it up close, but it was rough!

I had passed by this little boutique/salon called Snips & Giggles. It's a little Salon totally dedicated to little kids. Yes, it was over the top, and yes, it was worth every penny. She LOVED it, they papered her completely. She got her hair cut in the little pink Cadillac and boy did she think she was hot was really fun!
The place was decked out to the nines, and of course Wes, Sitting on the Princess couch had to make every smart remark possible. He kept calling the place a beauty parlor and the stylists were totally laughing at him. He kept looking around at all the frilly stuff and rolling his eyes at the price tag, but he footed the bill.

She picked out some new hair bows and I went with the decision to grow out her bangs.....a decision I'm hoping I won't regret.

Ready for the NFL
This little boy seriously believes he's going to the top. His whole life is playing football or beating his Dad on the wii. He has wanted football pants and pads for months, and finally saved up enough money to buy them. We found a used store (Play it again Sports) and found pads, pants, and a practice jersey. He's lived in them every since. He even wore the shoulder pads on the way home. I don't have the heart to tell him his chances will be slim, I only tell him to keep practicing. Now, he's saving for a helmet, but I refuse to rain on his dreams....reality will hit soon enough in life.

So that's the highlights, the weekly Davis wrap up that I hope to get better at!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Catch Up

I go on spurts, I love blogging, then I get so far behind I put it off. By the time I have the time to actually get a few things posted I get overwhelmed, don't post anything...can you tell this is a very complicated relationship, this whole blogging world. Instead of posting about everything, I'll pick the highlights of the last week. Here's a quick catch up on the Davis Family.

Last Sunday I had New Beginnings planned for YW. I have spent months preparing for this night, we were doing a full dinner and had a awesome theme of "Following the Light". Did I mention I spent months preparing for this.....needless to remind everyone of where we live, Sunday morning we woke up to a massive Winter Storm Warning. I was on my way to the church with my second car load of decorations food, handouts and the works when my bishop called and asked us to reschedule. My life has never gone according to plan. We did get over 8 inches of snow in a 5 hour period, so I shouldn't complain.

The rest of the week consisted of the norm. I volunteered in both the boys classrooms, worked too much at the office, probably did about 16 loads of laundry, and can't even count how many times I sweep the floor last week. There is still no sign of spring, the only change that has occurred is the amount of Mud my kids seem to come in contact with. Even today after school we have so much snow melting that the boys find hours of entertainment playing in the mud. It's real cute until you spend every night cleaning their shoes for school in the morning.

I let my boys have a sleep over with friends, (I'm still finding popcorn kennels in weird spots.) They also stayed up until 2:00 in the morning, they obviously didn't inherit that from me. But I love their friends, they are such nice boys. The next day I took them to the circus. I'd never been to the circus, and can't say I'll be returning anytime soon......(Young Mexican Girls in Vegas Show room costumes swinging around ropes really did a number on my little boys.) Although I totally LOVED the elephants, strange, but they were really amazing. We also saw a guy fall off the tight ropes, and that was a little scary. But it was fun.....

I had like 16 pictures of the elephants on my camera....what in the heck am I going to do with 16 pictures of elephants......Below are the boys with their friends and overpriced snow cones!

We did come across a fabulous Mexican Restaurant last week, and have been back twice. After living in Arizona and having a taste of real Mexican food were pretty picky, but finally found a spot. I also went to a performance at the college of Beauty and the I thought. I took all the mutual girls with me, to expose them a little culture, so I told them. When we got there I learned that the performance was actually being put on by the Green Bay Dance Academy. I thought we'd be Ok.....oh I was so wrong. By the end of the first act I knew I was in trouble. Belle was in her 40's. I am so not kidding. I even opened up my program to read about her and it said she'd been dancing for 38 years......(It was a long performance.) The worst part was that I couldn't stop laughing. I would start laughing so hard at some of the scenes that I would start shaking. The last straw occurred when the beast finally took off his mask and he had grey hair and a massive bald spot....He had to be in his early 60's....Please someone take me out of my misery. My mutual girls couldn't stop making fun of me for taking them....and I seriously laughed the whole way home. So much for culture, I should have known when we were the youngest people in the audience!
I can tell you that it's finally starting to warm up. We rode our horses 3 times last week, and actually reached over 40 degrees....twice. It felt so nice on Saturday that we put the sun roof down as we were running errands, seriously 40 feels like 85 after what we've been through!
So that's about all from last week...never a dull moment, a quick catch up on our everyday adventures! I have decided that life is never going to slow down....I just keep hanging on for dear life!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

No luck yet

I started off thinking Scouts was going to be so fun for Tye. Since the ward does not have a scout troop (we barely have a ward) I found a troop for Tye at school. I didn't realize at the time, the heartache and effort that would come into this little activity. We tried the rain gutter regatta (the boat race) and got disqualified (Wes built the boat wrong). Next was the space Derby (rockets) Which my Dad helped Tye and he actually won a few rounds, but lost. But on Tuesday Night - the Pine Wood Derby was here......I actually had hope. I talked to a few people about weights, wheels etc.....Do you think it brought any luck? Look at the Little Blue car in the next picture......

He seriously got smoked....Not even a chance. I had mutual that night so poor Wes has to bear through the heartache alone. At one point in the night his other car didn't even make it down the track, a guy had to give it a little"push"! Honestly, what are the chances, we totally stink at scouting. When I got home later that night, I found this on the kitchen counter.

Look at his car, can you tell he's a Colts Fan? I opened up the letter and this is what it said....No "chrofy" for Tye. He did win a box of skittles. I think he won the skittles because they felt so sorry for having to push his car down the track. He thinks he won the skittles because he was "real close" to a trophy. I didn't have the heart to tell him the truth.

It's a good thing life isn't all about races.
Last weekend Wes took him on his first Winter Scout Camp, and he loved it.

There were all kinds of Winter Activities ice fishing, sledding, and he earned a bunch of other badges. The camp was nice, according to Wes (minus the men snoring - Wes called me twice to demonstrate how some of the men were snoring in his cabin) But they had a great time.
I love the next picture of them ice fishing. Although like many other things, the Davis Family Fishing skill's stink.

Luckily, he still loves scouts, and maybe by the time he's getting ready to finish I learn how to sew all those patches on....