Sunday, May 31, 2009

Off they go....

We are so lucky to have an adventure park in our back yard. This adventure park does not consist of rides, concession stands and funky people with tattoos that trying to get you spend 35 dollars on some ugly stuffed animal. This adventure land consists of 80 wooded acres filled with racoon's, turkeys, moles, white tail deer, old cars, tree stands, streams, and hopefully a fort (that should be finished in the next few days.) Luckily a few times a week after work Wes will saddle up with the boys and "go to the woods". The boys love it!Leaving the back yard.

The problem is the first couple times they would leave Taylor would just watch them out the window, I won't let her go alone with the boys and I don't trust Wes's mare yet. She was sooooo mad at me, told me I was mean, and that I loved Tate more, because he got to ride Missy. (Please tell me I'm not the only Mom that hears these things.....)

After a few different sob stories, I finally said. Well if you stay home with Mom, you get to make cookies............

It's amazing how fast kids can stop crying, and how fast they forget their mad at you and how fast your suddenly liked again. To bad chocolate chip cookies couldn't mend more relationships.

Needless to say, Taylor after making the cookies!

Luckily now, we've made so many trips to the woods that Miss Taylor gets included in the rides.

As for me, I'm in love, in Love with my new computer speakers!!!! They rock our house!!! I am so spoiled because both my cars have fabulous Bose sound systems, and every once in a while I spurge, and this week I couldn't resist any longer...the Bose computer sound system.....did I mention I'm in Love!!!!! I'm not sure I'm loving the whole idea that Tye has his new personal playlist with songs I'm not sure I agree with, but this little system rocks our house!!!!

There giving Wes a run for his money! (J/K)
PS....these songs that are playing (My sons's playlist....nice huh?)
Thank you Aunt Karry for "To legit, to legit to quit"...I can't wait till you have kids!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well today was the day, my visit to the OBGYN doctor to find out if it would be possible to have anymore children. For months I have been seriously contemplating having more children. As many of you know I haven't had easy pregnancies, deliveries or any real luck raising them (yet). But even with the whole turmoil with Taylor I always had a glimpse of hope that my body would let me have one more. Today that ended. There's no hope. Heavenly Father let me have the answer, and even though it wasn't the answer I wanted, I'm thankful that he loves me enough to bring some closure to the subject. It doesn't mean it makes it any easier. I barely made it to the car before the tears came. I sat there in the rain thinking I should be grateful for the three I have, then feeling guilty, then thinking I can barely handle 3, why do I want more, in the next thought thinking I'm LDS, I was born to have babies (has anyone seen the size of my hips) .....I swear the mix of emotions I can have in a 5 minute period would shock a nation. Rain seemed fitting for the day and I didn't even care that I had just washed my car. I finally drove myself to the closest salon I knew of and splurged on some super dooper pedicure. The Chinese guy kept want salt scrub 5 want more massage....5 dollar....I just kept saying "why not" and in my mind kept thinking, I can't have kids so I guess I can have pretty toes! Luckily I had lunch with a sweet friend and have been to busy the rest of the afternoon to think about it. Wes has been kind, offered his sister's body (don't worry Nikki I told him it was ok), and that's it, it's over. Closure.....however, I am still hopeful that someday, somehow if I am to be a Mom to more precious children, they'll find me.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

In our own Backyard

Well this was the first Memorial Day weekend that we were not in Wyoming branding Grandpa's cows...instead Wes came up with the idea to have a little camp out in our own backyard. I sat down with the kids on Saturday morning and gave them a list of chores they had to get done before I would tell them what the "surprise" was. After a LONG morning, I finally broke down and told them what Dad had planned. Tye was super excited, Taylor had no clue what a tent was and Tate was mad that it wasn't money.
It has been years since Wes & I have put up a tent. I actually bought this tent last year and it took a few minutes to figure it out. Wes started reading the directions and I got inpatient. (I do have my YW camp certificate - plus two year Jr. Staff behind my belt.) Needless to say I started connecting the color coordinating poles and......

The whole time Taylor had no clue what we were doing, when it was finally all done she couldn't believe how "bootiful it was" I told her this was her castle and Dad was the knight going to protect her. She ran in the house, got a princess dress, went in the tent and stepped outside giggling. She thought she was so fabulous.
Tye grabbed the lawn chairs

And Tate came strolling out of the house with drinks for everyone....can't forget Dad's coke!

We rounded up some fire wood to start a fire for dinner.

And I went all out with Hot Dogs and ketchup! Our kids loved cooking them so much that I thought our dog was going to explode.

We did finish the night off with right with some smores, but not ONE of my kids liked them, Tye didn't like the chocolate, Tate didn't like the marsh mellows and Taylor took one little lick and started with the "agggg, this is nasty" needless to say the dog came in handy again.
We sat around the fire for hours telling the kids about our camping trips when we were first married, and then once the stars came out we called it a night. (So we thought) A fabulous night turned into a disaster! Every hour someone was awake, Taylor had to go the bathroom, then I was freezing, the wind started blowing, Tate had to go to the bathroom, and I was still freezing, I kept tossing and turning, stealing the covers from Wes, he kept rolling around and by 3:30 I couldn't take it any was the most uncomfortable thing. I asked Wes earlier in the night if I could bring the memory foam off our bed and he made fun of me. Instead I think I slept on the biggest dandelion in the universe. Wes lasted until 5 - when the tractors started and the next day we both had to overdose on Tylenol to help with the pain in our back and shoulders. We barely made it to church, and when we came home the wind had broken some poles to the tent but all I could care about was a nap. The entire family went down for a nap, with Tye holding the record for 5 1/2 hours.
That night we headed over to our friends house and a fun night having another campfire. (Although this time we did upgrade to tin foil dinners and strawberry shakes instead of smores.) Monday we had all the friends over and ended the weekend riding horses with some other families and a great steak and kabob dinner.
I can't say I'll be pitching any tents anytime soon...but we have been laughing about it since. Sometimes it's fun just to be home and spend some time in our own backyard.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

sooo happy I've never voted on American Idol, or any other reality show until.......Kris Allen. (In all reality I've never watched American Idol religiously until I moved to Wisconsin.....needless to say A little lack of entertainment choices around here.) - and when he performed with Keith Urban last night my mouth hit the floor - I'm a huge Keith Urban Fan. So, even though my husband thinks I'm a total loser for actually voting - soooo happy he won.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


OK...I honestly have to say I loved Chicago. It is such a fun place to visit. The first few days Taylor, Tate & I hung out with my sister in the city. (I left Wes at home because he would have gone crazy at how many people honk their horns - and for how much money I spent parking the car, but I'm making him take me back). We did lots of fun things in the city, don't get me wrong, I love my country life (and the 20 acres that provide my kids tons of entertainment) but the action in the city is quite fun. Instead of going into great detail I made some slide shows of the trip (below).

After the city we headed out to Arlington Heights Racetrack for some horse racing. Wes & Tye came down and we spent a fun day at the races. The track was very nice and our kids, especially Tate, Loves, Loves, Loves horse races. I think I have the only kids in the world that act like they are riding horses everywhere. Another trip to Chicago is definitely in the forecast!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Surprise

I have had many Mothers Days that tears will spilled. For different reasons of course. One year my kids were terrible, another I thought I was a horrible mother, one year expected too much, one year I was so homesick for my own Mom, another Sad I didn't treat my mother better, the list goes on. Needless to say I've never been a big fan of Mothers Day. Although I tried not to pay any attention to it, it's almost impossible when every other commercial on the TV is Pro Flowers advertising their mother day specials.

As I thought about what I really wanted for Mothers Day I realized that everything I truly want, only I can do. The things I want most might sound crazy to some, but it's simple things. Having a peaceful home ( so learning to not yell) , spending more time doing a few things for me, (scrapbooking, planting a garden, taking pictures and listening to music while I clean) cooking what I like to cook (not what my kids will eat), teaching my children to not be so selfish and treat me with respect. These are not necessarily "Mothers Day Gifts", but it's what I want.

So I started. On Saturday we didn't have to many activities, (which is rare) so I spent the entire morning cleaning my house (to music). Second I decided that it was time to tackle the front walk way. (We have a really long walkway that leads to the front door. Since we've lived here it's been frozen, or full of weeds.) I planned out how I wanted to plant it and spend the afternoon pulling weeds. Afterwards I decided to take my kids to lunch and talk to them about the changes that mom was going to be making and how I needed them to help me make those changes. Afterwards we went to about 3 stores for me to look at plants. Afterwards I came home, evaluated my planting space and went back and got everything I needed for planting.

When I got home the kids started saying funny things to me like "Mom you stink, maybe you should take a shower", "Hey mom, what ever you do, don't go in my closet", "Mom maybe you should go snuggle on your bed"....well It was so fun seeing their excitement that I didn't do anything. Pretty soon they were so anxious that Sissy said "Go take a shower, but don't step on your present...." The surprise was that every little hint had a bouquet of the time I was finished I had 6 different bouquets! Seriously I was so shocked.

The kids were so exited to give me their different flowers, and once I smelled Taylor's and saw how "bootiful" there were, she told me that since they were pink they had to go in her room.

To my shear surprise I received 3 more bouquets of flowers by the day was over by other sweet friends......I'm so blessed! I don't even think I'll get this many flowers when I die....seriously so blessed! it is some of my mothers day's best moments. Having a home full of fresh flowers, but even more watching my children so excited to give them to me. Listening to my children sing "Mother I love you" in sacrament meeting, taking a walk all by myself, planting my walk way, Talking to my own mother for the first time this week where she actually sounded happy (she's in really rough condition), talking to many old friends, going to the relief society luncheon, (awesome idea for anyone in RS - instead of a lesson they had a light luncheon and social during Mothers Day and had the men do Primary & YW, it's was such a nice break). But the best part of the day came at night when I had all three kids in bed with me and realized they make me so happy. My children are everything to me and I'm so lucky to be a Mom. Don't get me wrong, I think that everyday - but there are days that I love them more when they are asleep. (And all you Mothers know exactly what I mean) But what sweet day for me, to be reminded how much happiness and joy actually comes from being a Mother and for one of the first times in my life....LOVE Mothers Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Difference

You can't tell me that "weather" does not make a difference. I have had two completely opposite weeks....all because of the sudden change in weather. The first week of the two weeks goes something like this.......

Rain in the morning

Rain in the Afternoon

Rain in the evening

I even caught myself singing the song, Rain, Rain go away come again another day, and people who know me, know I DO not sing! So a short recap on the "Rain" week.

Sleep, eat, watch the rain, eat more junk, take another nap, watch TV, wonder when it's going to stop raining, eat...etc.... You get the idea, and it was kind of convenient due to my nice hip accident, nevertheless, no pictures, but a lazy nice relaxing week.

Well out of the blue nice weather appeared. I can't tell you the difference sunshine made. I invited 3 families over for a BBQ, the kids have had friends over constantly, Wes has been able to ride his horses, coaching baseball has actually been a lot of fun, Wes & I went on a fabulous date, I started walking, cleaned out the garage, organized my pantry, went to a benefit luncheon, painted my nails, started planting my front walkway with flowers,.....and looks what's starting to pop up!

Finally Spring. I also found a great little place to visit. It's this little village back in the early 1900's. A few times a year they hold their annual "Sheep Shearing Day", and as you guessed I couldn't resist.

Tate Milking The Goat

We loved watching them plow the fields with the horses...

Taylor stopping and posing for a picture (of course)

Wes helped in shearing the sheep
It was actually really neat learning how they died the wool. They would use spices to dye it different colors, and then spend all day cooking it. Crazy, how far we've come in life.

Taking a wagon ride...
Wes loved watching the wood carvers, he came home and started to build bridle racks for the barn, so I think it got him in the mood. He hasn't built anything since we left Idaho.
Tye trying to walk on stilts.....

We took turns jumping rope

until this kept happening

The funnest was playing this hoop game, we spent hours playing it. My kids kept begging to stay longer and play this game......who would have thought two sticks with a hoop could be so fun.

It was such a great day of simple fun....and Sunshine!