Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Here

I woke up this morning...looked into the backyard....and it's Here! Snow, Snow, it's really starting to feel like Christmas!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I got this letter from Tye this morning, after my letter from Tate. My letter from Tate had Mom with a X next to it and Dad with a heart next to it. That was his way of telling me he was mad at me for not watching star wars with him. I said to Tate...that makes me feel a few minutes later I got this from Tye. I was totally laughing because I haven't spanked him in years...the second thing is at the end he is trying to say "love each other" but I thought the "chuther" was pretty funny.

Rules are meant to be broken...

Wes has a rule that we can't decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over...there have been a few times I've had the chance to break the rule and this year was one of them. Since we are heading to Salt Lake & Wyoming for Thanksgiving I talked him into decorating early so that when we get home we'll be all ready.
We started with the outside lights, which totally made me homesick for AZ. First of all it was so cold, I kept coming inside so my legs would unthaw. Plus in AZ we had the perfect house for chirstmas lights - tons of palm trees. Last year I had our workers pull the front end loader in the front yard and lifted us up to the top of the house and trees - It looked awesome! This year, we have very few trees, and no front end loader. The only thing I do have is over 100 strings of lights. We got the top of the house done and the flower gardens, but not the trees. I'm hoping I'll have time Monday. I always love seeing the house at night to see how it looks. When I got home from running errands Wes had the house all lit up and it makes me smile every year. It's seriously one of my favorite things to do at christmas. The only thing were lacking is SNOW - I'm ready to have a little snow - we live in Wisconsin - there should be Snow, it makes it feel more like christmas, but I checked the 10 day planner and no snow in sight! I can't wait to get to Salt Lake& Temple Square - it always feels so festive, and if I'm lucky a little bit of snow!

Taylor was mad at me because I didn't let her on the roof - so we compromised on a picture on the ladder....she loves pictures of herself!

There's Wes with that famous "Mike Davis" hat. I'm not sure what they call that kind of hat, the only word I can come up with is "Ugly". But he is Married to that hat in the Winter, so I better get use to it.

Tate only got on the roof long enough for me to take his picture, once the picture was over - he was ready to get off. Tye would have spent the night up there if I would let him.

Next on the Agenda was the christmas tree, every year we buy everyone a ornament that highlights some memory of the past year. This is what we got this year. Wes - a Packer Ornament because he's gotten to go the the packer games with his work and because he got to go on a "PACK" trip with his Dad, Brother and Tye, which was his dream vacation. I got a New York ornament because Wes & I spent ten days on vacation there at a seriously plush Spa that I would play big bucks to go back to. Tye got a Baptism ornament because he was baptised this year. Tate got a "First year at School" ornament because he started Kindergarten this year and Taylor got a ballet ornament because this is her first year at ballet. I love this tradition, we stole it from Wes's parents, but It's so fun to line the ornaments up year by year and watch the kids put them on the tree. Our kids love it, and so do I.

Tye was the best help, he helped me put the lights on and dished out orders on how to hang the ornaments. It's so fun watching him get more and more responsible, and so excited.

This was the best moment of the night. A few years ago everyone got marsh mellow ornaments. Wes's is the hunting one and Tye's was the cowboy with a black hat. He purposely put them next to each other - side by side - and then said "me and dad are buddies...hunting buddies" It's always the smallest gestures that mean so much.

The following picture is what happens to my house when I am outside for 6 hours putting up Christmas lights and the kids are inside fending for themselves. Notice 3 boxes of empty cereal.
I still have the nativities, our Department56 collection and the inside decorating to do, but it's starting to look a lot like Christmas (underneath the mess of 3 kids & a husband)!
I choose Jingle Bells by the Dogs because we are babysitting our friends 3 dogs, and I'll I've heard the last 24 hours is dogs barking....even when I picked this song and it started playing all 4 dogs started barking.....what a life!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The last 48 Hours

I thought you'd enjoy some of the realities of our last 48 hours.

1. Wes found the picture of him - the bathtub picture - not thrilled, but was a good sport.

2. Went bowling as a family. A great thing is that I won - I usually do. It's one of the few things I can beat Wes at. The bad thing is that Taylor peed (I'm not sure how to spell that) but yes, she peed her pants and then came and sat on my lap - not so fun.

3. Tate bought "Hot Lunch" for the first time at school. It was a VERY big deal to him. The whole way to school he kept crying telling me how Nervous he was (Nervous is his new big word) He kept telling me how terrible I was because we didn't have any bread in the house - and how come I can get things right and that I needed to stay with him until lunch was over. (Luckily I was in my PJ's so it got me out of staying) The little Turkey didn't realize that on Sunday night he begged for French Toast for Dinner and that I used all the Bread we had making HIS French Toast. Oh....the joys. When Tate got home from school he was so proud of himself. What he didn't realize is that I went home E-mailed his teacher to help him and had her call me when lunch was over to make sure he survived!

4. Monday I didn't work. At 8:50 in the morning I popped a bag of kettle corn, opened some rootbeer and watched all my shows I DVR'd from last week. It was Lovely....although the shows I'm watching aren't doing it for me this season.

5. I went to get in the car for Mutual last night and our horses were in the front yard, somehow they escaped from the barn. We had to use the brights on Wes's truck to find them all.

6. Yesterday I had to be in meeting where we had to let people go. Wes & I have about 50 employees and while running these ranches there have been times we have to let people go. IT IS SO HARD. There is nothing fun about those decisions, I hate it. It really bothers me.

7. There is a new Star Wars trend at our house. It all started with the Lego Star Wars game, but our boys are totally into it. Wes & I are NOT Totally into it,but we hoping it's just a phase. We went to blockbuster last night and rented 3 starwars movies...yuck! The funny thing is, is that Tate runs around the house fighting people with his (pretend) light saber - however his sound effects are so real it's amazing. Tye always teases his and says - "hey Tate who are you fighting?" but yesterday morning I caught Tye fighting in front of my mirror and said "Hey Tye, who are you fighting?"...he was so embarrassed, but I couldn't stop laughing.

8. My kitchen floor is screaming "CLEAN ME" but I haven't had the desire to yet.

9. Found a awesome Ice cream store. I believe I am the only 33 year old that still orders Bubble Gum Ice cream. (Waffle Cone I might ad)

10. I am seriously contemplating getting rid of our dog...she is driving me over the edge. Guess how much stuff she has chewed up .....our phone line, Tate's boots, her water bowl, my pumpkins, her leash, a floormat to a car, Tye's football, numerous gloves, Tate's church shoes, endless sacks of trash, her pillow, 2 halters and a lead rope - honestly I can't afford her. She was a "Free" Dog that has cost me hundreds of dollars. I really am at my witts end with her.

11. I got the kids report cards and they are both doing very well - which makes me a happy. We have our first parent teacher conference tomorrow and it will be nice to really see their progress.

12. The whole "Twilight" thing, I liked the first book, but I'm not so into the second...does it get better?

13. Filled up my car with Gas $1.97 a gallon - loving this!

14. I can officially say that I've taken a bath with a cat! Our cat sits right at the door from our mud room to the garage, every time someone goes in the garage she bolts into the house. This particular time Taylor & I were taking a bath - Wes opens the door - the cat darts in, Wes starts she jumps on the ledge on the bathtub searching for Taylor -trying to escape Wes - the cat slips and falls right into the bathtub with me & Taylor - I was SCREAMING - the cat was SCREAMING and Wes was laughing, carrying the dripping cat back to the garage. I swear I should be paid for everything I put up with. Needless to say - the bath ended immediately, but honestly, honestly, these are seriously the realities of my life. No fame, glory, rewards just baths with cats. Lucky me.

15. Finally my kids have been waking up before me, 2 days in a row. The nice thing is that by 7:00 at night they are out...sound asleep!! However at 5:03 this morning they were up. I really don't mind. They get up and play their Star Wars game. I usually just leave them alone, but at 6:30 tell them it's time to get ready for school. They think I'm being so nice because I let the play in the morning - they don't realize everyone else in this universe is still sound asleep!

I could probably come up with a few more but I have Presidency meeting and I need to make Muffins and Smoothies, plus take my kids to school!

I forgot one thing I have to add. Taylor is doing this new thing that right before she is about to cry over something she starts this heavy panting....seriously it's this crazy off the wall "Pant" I have got to get her some more friends, she hangs around animals way to much. I wish I could record this "Panting" You would die laughing......

If anyone wishes to buy me one of those video recorders for christmas I could provide some serious entertainment.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm so glad it's Sunday and the only thing on the agenda is Church! What a week. I was so exhausted from everything that I took a nap last night and 5:00, woke up for an hour then went back to bed at 8:00 and didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning! I can't handle much more weeks like that. The problem is that I'm not a very good mom when I get tired, and I'm so thrilled that this week life resumes back to normal. Last week everyday and every night was scheduled - we held a weekend youth retreat at our house for 35 youth from the ward (which turned out totally awesome and totally worth every bit of effort) I had signed up to volunteer in the boys class rooms (which Wes had to fill in for me) I worked over 45 hours (figuring budgets and working on new contracts for the next 14 months) - if I didn't love using my brain I would not do this. Plus scouts, dance, getting my house ready,birthday parties, meetings, and all the other normal stuff I was wiped out!

We also got our first snow storm, which Taylor was thrilled. She has never seen snow - so she immediately got on her snowsuit and loved it. Wes even built a awesome snowman, which I wish I would have taken a Picture of.

Tate actually agreed to letting me cut his hair - on one condition, that Dad would take a bath with him. (Wes was thrilled)
Tye also had his first rain gutter regata. He made a neat boat, and we decorated it with fly fishing stuff, but Wes cut something off, which disqualified us from winning anything. (Wes felt bad, but this scouting thing is new for us.)
Finally, we decided that for Thanksgiving we are going to fly to Salt Lake and spend Thanksgiving in Wyoming, it will be fun. We haven't been to Wyoming in over a year. I also am excited to see Temple Square, spend time with family and do some shopping. Plus Wes's family has a neat tradition for thanksgiving, they spend the entire day snacking on fabulous appetizers, they are so yummy....I love the holidays!
I also started reading the Twilight series....I read the first book a while ago and liked it, but now that I am constantly surrounded by 20 12-18 year old girls I decided I better finish the I'm currently on New Moon. I do like them, but if I start reading I stop doing anything else. But it is Sunday - so hopefully I'll finish today!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Everyday Entertainment

Please tell me that I am not the only Mom in the world that tries to be a little sneaky, and it fails. With my son Tate, there is seriously never a dull moment. Notice the picture to the far left. After Halloween I hid the candy in the cabinets above our fridge (notice the green bowl). I figured since it was such a pain for me to get to the candy that my kids wouldn't find it for weeks. I was wrong. On Sunday I came in the kitchen to find Tate had crawled on top of the fridge, found the candy and had already eaten 7 pieces. He was just dropping his wrappings on the floor of course. I had to laugh - he's so much like his Mom. I could always find the candy my mom & sister would try, emphasize TRY and stash (note: Karry's best spot, the spot that took me a little longer than usual was a old shoe box - pretty clever Karry)

The second picture is what I found under Tate's dresser. Tate is famous for little Secret Spots, I can not even begin to explain what I have found over the years, but this is a prime example. Most children have collections; cars, model airplanes, etc...not Tate. Look closely at what he "currently" collecting. Sugar Cookies that we made about 6 weeks ago, a pair of dirty socks which he considers his favorite, and won't let me wash. A flashlight key chain that he stole from Tye. A golf ball that he found on his last golf trip with Dad, a pair of gloves with skeleton bones on them, (that he knows I don't like so he's trying to hide them from me), about 25 empty candy wrappers and one quarter from Wyoming, he collects them because they have a horse on them! Life with Tate is ever so interesting, and so entertaining!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Morning

4:55 Hear Wes getting ready for work - decide to try and go back to sleep.

5:13 Wes is gone but hear Tate getting up to use the bathroom and pray he'll fall back asleep.

5:18 Open my eyes to see Tate standing in front of me all dressed for school and yells "Surprise". I hurried and told him to talk soft because I didn't want him to wake up Tye and Taylor who were sleeping in my bed because Tate came to me last night and asked if he could "Borrow" Dad. When Tye and Taylor realized I said yes to Tate they immediately started in with the whole "that's not fair speech" so they slept with me. Lovely Night

5:23 Tate was done snuggling, told me Sissy was hogging the bed and he needed hot chocolate. I told him that it was still dark outside so we needed to stay in bed a few more minutes. He said "no we don't its better to get up right now, this way the light won't hurt our eyes."

5:24 Started fixing hot Chocolate

5:28 Turned on the TV started watching the news and listening to Obama's speech again, got disgusted, turned the channel.... more Obama - as you can tell I can't bring myself to go there yet. Turned the channel to a local Greenbay station (where the announcers are about as bad as the ones in Idaho.) ... Watch the weather and learn that this is our last day of sunshine and decent weather. Our weekend high is 37 - with our possible snow.

5:29 Turn the TV over to Tate for Curious George

5:36 Tate spills entire cup of Hot Chocolate on the floor I mopped the day before.

5:38 Get the dished done, start going through the kids lunch boxes from the day before and realize Tate is only eating the snacks.

5:40 - Dog starts barking - feed the dog and the "Titty."

5:44 Pour Tate cereal, look at the pile of laundry and start separating colors.

5:46 Hear little noises coming from behind the counter - knowing it's Tye or Taylor trying to be funny. So I turn to Tate and tell him I think we have a mouse in the house.

5:48 Taylor comes crawling out behind the counter pretending to be mouse.

5:50 Start making Tate's bed and pick up his room.

5:55 Pour Taylor a bowl of cereal and find Tate the Toys R Us Catalog so he can make sure he has everything he wants circled for Christmas.

5:57 Taylor spills her entire bowl of cereal all over the table, my new purse, and onto the clean floor.

6:00 Check my Email - have a message from my friend in Idaho - read her blog, then start realizing I haven't cleaned up the spilled cereal.

6:10 Get floor cleaned up for the second time & start making lunches.

6:14 Look at the calendar for today, Presidency meeting, play group and Pork Loin for Dinner. I love Thursdays because it is the only night we do not have scheduled -no dance, scouts, basketball etc...just home!

6:17 Tate starts screaming....I hear him run to the closet, pull over the chair, get out his BeeBee Gun and started yelling to Tye that there's deer in the front yard. Tye comes running out (I need to use that trick more often for as fast as he got out of bed... can you tell who is Dad is?) Sure enough we all run to the window and sure enough the deer are just leaving our yard heading to the corn fields. Tye swears there is a buck and to call Dad Immediately.

6:19 Try calling Wes , I hear his cell phone ringing on the counter.

6:22 Tye starts running around the house searching for Wes's binoculars.

6:24 Try calling Wes answer at his office.

6:25 Deer are starting to wonder off.

6:28 School Bus shows up, I seriously start debating on using it in the mornings.

6:32 Tate is dressed and ready to go hunting...Tye starts teasing him....I get mad at know the routine.

6:35 Tell Tye to get dressed for school.

6:36 Tye decides to eat. Gets out the cereal, tries to pour it, the entire bag ends up spilled. I shut my eyes....try to regain control...listen to Taylor and Tate fighting over a pair of scissors...Tell Tye to get dressed again...while I clean up the spilled cereal.

6:44 Start gathering up Wes's clothes for the dry cleaners, wishing I didn't have to waste money on that kind of stuff.

6:47 Make my bed, pick up Wes's dirty socks from the night before, and notice my first stain on my brand new comforter and bedding set.

6:50 Tye is teasing Tate...I tell him to get dressed for school. He informs me that he can't find his library book.

6:55 Still searching for a Library book....Taylor is talking to Cinderella on the phone...Tate is pretending to do homework. Tate never has homework so he brings home old insurance forms and fills them out, he says it is his special homework. Don't ask me about my stack of filled out insurance forms, it's about a foot high!

6:59 Catch Tye watching TV - still not dressed for school - tells me that he has no clothes to wear. I tell him if he's not dressed in two minutes I'm not going to let him wear his new Vans he got in the mail yesterday.

7:00 Decide I will help out Wes...Tate & I head outside to feed the horses. Try to figure out how to open the horse trailer to get the hay - Tate has to help me figure it out. Start feeding the hay - the wind is blowing and more ends up in my face and hair then on the ground. Not Happy - then Tate decided he wants me to take his picture with the horses. I said no - he makes that face - I change my mind start walking back to the house to get my camera.

7:08 Get my camera, start walking to the barn and see that the dog has started chewing my new patio furniture. - Seriously Not Happy -

7:10 Take Tate's pictures while wishing I would have put a coat on.

7:12 Get back into the house - Taylor has now cut up two or three pieces of paper into little tiny pieces. I Start throwing away the pieces, she starts crying.

7:14 Tye comes out dressed for school. Shorts and a short sleeve shirt. I tell him he needs a sweatshirt or jacket.

7:16 Get Tate's hair combed, teeth brushed. Tate used Taylor's toothpaste the the world fell apart. Honestly, you would have thought someone died. Sat Taylor down and told her she has to share her toothpaste.

7:18 Make Taylor's bed and put away her clothes.

7:20 Look at the clock and realize Wes probably isn't coming home to take the kids to school.

7:22 Fight begins with Tye over why he won't wear a sweatshirt. (He can't be quarterback if he has on to many layers, and wearing a sweatshirt gets in his way) I tell him I don't care put on a sweatshirt. He starts don't care about anything...I hate school....why do I have to ride the bus home.....etc....on and on!

7:25 Tell everyone to get in the car. Tate asks "Where are my pictures?" I said What pictures? He said "the ones you took this morning." I said "Mom hasn't had time to print them, I'm trying to find Taylor shoes." Starts only care about Taylor never do anything I want you to do.....I bet I have brown bread in my lunch. (he hates wheat bread)

7:28 Start thinking about the conversation I had with my Mom yesterday. For Christmas she is going to buy Wes & I plane tickets so we can go on a trip to Washington DC next year. I seriously start debating if I can cash those in before Christmas.

7:30 Pulling out the drive way, Tye forgot his backpack, still couldn't find the library book, Taylor doesn't have shoes on, Tate will still not talk to me because I didn't print his pictures, and I am in my old ugly yellow robe and slippers because I haven't had time to get dressed.

7:30 - 8:17 - Somewhat of a peaceful ride, everyone was mad at me and not talking, kind of enjoyable. I did notice all the leaves are gone on the trees, Winter is coming.

8:20 - I eat cereal and decide to blog.

8:28 Wes comes home, asks if I have time to make him oatmeal. Then asks "Have you seen my cell phone?" I just point to it. He asks about my morning...I tell him he can read the published edition this afternoon.

9:12 I'm going to be late for playgroup - it's going to be a Hat day - Taylor just broke the brand new necklace I bought last night, and I have the song "A pocketful of sunshine" in my head, so enjoy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To much to Mention!

How do you take 10 fabulous days of vacation and turn it into one post, IMPOSSIBLE! I have great stories and fun pictures, but no time!! Instead of giving the whole travel log (I'll save that for Sacrament meeting j/K) I'll start with my 20 favorite memories of the trip - don't worry you'll probably hear about this trip for days! But for right now - the moments I don't want to forget!

1. Having lunch with my Dad @ Mimi's cafe.

2. Holding Tye's hand as we strolled down California Adventure main street.

3. Purchasing my new Coach purse!

4. Having cousin lunch - with Taylor and Meagan dancing on the sidewalk!

5. Dressing my kids up for Halloween - and eating their candy!

6. Taking Sissy on Splash Mountain.

7. Watching my Sister love my kids like they were her own.

8. Watching Tate and his cousin Luke having their first sleep over.

9. Going to Winchells donuts 2 times!

10. Hanging out, laughing & talking to my cousins!

11. Having my mom close.

12. Shopping, Shopping & Shopping.

13. Indulging in 2 lbs of See's candy for Christmas.

14. The parade at Disneyland.

15. SUNSHINE & Beautiful weather.

16. Watching my Dad play football with the boys.

17. Not doing laundry - thanks to a fabulous Mom.

18. A day at the beach.

19. Finding some great Christmas presents.

20. Realizing how much I love my family.