Monday, July 27, 2009

A little of life....

I just realized that I've really only posted a few times in the month of July. But honestly who has 3 hours of free time in the Summer to actually sit down and do stuff like this (especially with kids at home!) Every night I'm exhausted, I'm not sure how much more I can take, my kids have enough energy for a new adventure everyday, but I'm seriously moving slower and slower as the summer goes on....

Here's a few things we've done in the last 10 days!!!!

A 3 Day Baseball tournament where Tye had 2 games a day and I ate so many sunflower seeds and snacks from the treat stand that I do not want to mention.

We went to a fun waterpark in Green Bay with some Families in our ward then went to the park and had a BBQ, the girls visit and the Boys play football. (By this point it was raining...sorry no pictures)

I went to girls camp for the week and had a super fun time. Girls camp in Wisconsin is the Ritz Carlton compared to what I am use to. We all stayed in Cabins and met at the Mess Hall for all the meals (where the cook had everything ready for you), access to real bathroom and showers everyday, a fun beach to play on and boats to take out on the lake....and the stake takes care of all certification. (A leader's Dream~!)

Here's a quick pictures of me & some of the girls, we had 14 in our group and it was super fun....but I am so not use to a 1:30 bed time!!!!

I have about 25 Raspberry plants that are in full YUMMY!!!! My kids through out the day will pick a bowl and bring them in to snack on, so spoiled!

We took a family vacation to Praire du Chein. It is a small town located on the banks of the Mississippi River. We spent the day throwing rocks, catching clams

Watching the Bald Eagles, they were everywhere, we even had one pick up a fish about 20 feet from where we were on the banks....seriously right out of a National Geographic Magazine, it's so cool in real life. To bad I didn't have time to zoom my camera in.

Making the Kids stand still for a least one Picture!!!!
Now, look at the picture below. Anyone with a husband like mine will understand immediately why we could spend a few days in a little town on the Mississippi.....

a Hint??????

My husband's favorite store!!!! Wes spends hours looking at guns, scopes, anything and everything but walks out with nothing. The kids play the hunting games and pretend their hunting the stuffed animals. I walk around and look at clothing that's not my style and we walk out with Candy & Ammunition. But a family tradition!

We did spurge on a nice hotel that had a fun little waterpark inside for the kids. I got caught up on People magazine and spent too much time in the hot tub! We were seriously the only family there and it was a blast!
Since it's our first official week without living at the ball park we got the garden back in shape and my kids are already making plans on how to sell the produce.

We have a new addition to the family....and I wish it was a Baby,
but a Shetland Pony for Taylor will have to do!
Here's a picture of Tate leading her around while she's talking on the phone...Classic. We can't decide on a name....Smokey, Pistol, Silver or Shorty. (I like shorty!)

Wes & Tye are currently at Boy Scout Camp. They have been gone for last 3 days & I miss them. Sleeping in between Tate & Taylor each night is killing my back. We actually drove up tonight to visit them, I picked up some pizza and met them at camp. They are having so much fun they don't want to come home.

What I do not have enough pictures of is the amount of food my kids consume, and the fact that our family alone could fill up an entire land fill!

Or the fact that my dishes have tripled and Taylor started washing some in the bathroom sink....."to help you Mommy!" I don't have a wide angle on my camera to fit the amounts of laundry I have from kids changing clothes three times a day.... (but I'm sure you can imagine)

Or the fact that my boys find it extremely hilarious to play tricks on me.....and they wonder why Mom has to dye her hair!!!!That sums up the last 10 days and in 48 hours we leave for our 10 Day Vacation out West. Needless to Say, Never a Dull moment for this Family but one thing is for sure I'm not as Young as I use to be!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can't get enough of your Love...

So two years and 8 days later another Baby Boy entered my life. However, born with completely opposite personality than my other son.

Seven Words for my "Tater Bug" aka Tate: 1. Loving, sweet, kind, tender, content, witty & charming. He is going to be a totally ladies man when he is older...well he already has his mom's heart!

Don't get me wrong, he can also be a "swindler" and he loves to make money. He's also my best helper around the house, but it comes with a price tag. (He averages between .10 - .25 cents a job- and trust me there is a negotiation that takes place beforehand) Here's a picture of him when he was 4 trying to make money selling lemonade and Popsicles. (He's currently selling pokemon cards, and pictures to his Aunt Karry, when he knows she's coming to town)

He's also very loving, and protective. For years he use to collect band aids and carry them around in a little backpack - ready to take care of anyone and anything that got hurt. Wes & I were hoping he was going to be a doctor, but he's since decided he's going to be a horse trainer when he grows up. (Rats - I was hoping for some future benefits!)

He might actually be quite good at horse training because he's trained out horses to come to the back door for watermelon.When we got our new puppy she accidentally ate some mouse poisoning and we warned him that it might make her sick and didn't go over to well, not with his tender heart. (Thank goodness she's alive and well and about to have puppies....anyone shopping for a free dog? Well actually knowing Tate he'll probably try and turn a profit!)Don't get me wrong....he can be real big stink weed and cause me Lot's of grief & dirty clothes.But when we cleans up and actually hold still long enough for me to take his melts my heart!And I forgive him for all the times he leaves his dirty socks on the kitchen counter next to my homemade bread.

And I look at those dimples and
forget about how he can be a stinker like when he put his chewed gum on top of my lotion bottle.

Or when I wake up in the morning to a night of no sleep because he's hogged the bed.

Or when I find little stashes of things he collecting in the most bizarre places. (Like his Ninja collection in my flower arrangement.)

He's definitely is one of a kind. He's not big into sports, although he's a natural athlete. Soccer is his favorite sport and he loves making goals, but usually he's just running around pretending he's training his race horses.
And once in a while we can get him to try something that doesn't involve horses, (like tubing with his dad) but that is usually not very often.
He's honestly the most content at home, playing, pretending and believing he is the best horseman/cowboy around!

But this little loving Cowboy could not make my life any happier,
So to my sweet baby, I'll never get enough of his love!

Happy Birthday Tate!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Birthday Boy & Mansions!

Well 9 years ago my life took a major turn...becoming a Mother, and not just any Mother, the Mother of Tye Michael Davis. I sat here trying to think of a way to describe the relationship I have with my oldest son but like most things in my's impossible. If I could describe him in 5 words they would be: determined, strong willed, loving, athletic and sarcastic. Odd combination, but it works.

I can remember vividly the day he was born, when my water broke, and laughing because Wes could barely drive to the hospital he was so excited. I remember the terrible labor (I also vividly remember watching 435 episodes of "Birth Day" on the health channel and thinking that it was nothing like I expected- needless to say it was a terrible delivery which resulted in a C-section). I also remember the instant amount of love that I had for him....completely indescribable. He can literally push me to extremes, extremely happy, extremely ferocious, extremely proud, extremely disgusted....(Here comes the but)...But being his Mother is an extreme honor. I know this boy was sent with a mission, I just literally pray I can help him become the person Heavenly Father needs him to be....if I survive, I seriously better have one of those mansions in heaven with my name on the front door!

I look at him and can't believe how fast he's growing up. Three things happened yesterday that remind me even more. 1. He ate an entire box of cinnamon toast crunch by himself in one day. 2. I popped his first zit (Which is really sad, I was so hoping he would inherit my skin). 3. I took him to rent some video games since that's all he can do until he's better and we picked -Deal or No Deal- (a family favorite). We were driving home and he was looking at the cover. He said "There's some Hot Chicks on Here.....I like Blondy over here..." excuse me, your 9 -and "Blondy"'ve been hanging around your Dad too much. I said "I didn't know you were looking a picture of your mom and he said " if!"

His surgery went well, we still will not know if there is any permanent damage, but at least he's not in pain and I pray that his little body will heal correctly this time. We started laughing because when we got to the hospital they had this tiny little gown with teddy bears on it and a teddy bear waiting on the bed for can imagine how thrilled he was.

They kept doing all the normal things and putting heart monitor on him and oxygen tubes and he kept looking at me making the motion for me to take pictures......which was cute. The funnest thing happened when we were just waiting for the nurses to take him away. We were just hanging out and out of the blue he lets one rip...I mean the bubbly kind. Just as we started laughing (and plugging our noses) the nurse rip opens the curtain and says...let's go! Within seconds there rolling him down the hall. Wes looks over at me and said...."I feel sorry for who ever takes that blanket off him!" We couldn't stop laughing!

For his birthday we surprised him with this "Hunting" cake and hunting clothes.

He's so ready for Hunting Season and it's still a few more months away.

Update: Today is June 13, 6 days days post surgery and this will give you a massive look into my life with this head strong son of mine (who I still love despite the following incident)

Reminder: 6 days post surgery and no bowl movement (to be polite). Here is our conversation: Did you go poop today? He smiles, which means no, but he doesn't want to tell me the truth because I won't stop bugging him and he thinks he's being funny. (This is not funny, he has been sleeping with me the past few nights (because he doesn't want anyone hurting his stitches...nice excuse but I'm a softy so it works) but it is like sleeping with the brass section of the band. ALL NIGHT LONG little toots here, little toots there....and they STINK!!!!! Every time I roll over and move the covers I about puke!!!!! So I said, get in the car. We have to take the movies back so I stop at the grocery store. (To buy laxatives...I'm desperate) I start explaining how he can take a pill or eat a piece of chocolate. He wants the pill. I go into the store, open the box, look at the size of pill and pick the chocolate. I get into the car head down the road pull out the box of chocolates and hand him a piece. "I hate chocolate" he said, "give me the pill." I said, "The pills were to big, eat the chocolate." Tye starts whining...."I don't like chocolate." I said "you eat M&M's" and hand him the chocolate. He takes the chocolate and throws it out the window!!!!. My blood pressure starts rising. I broke off another piece and said "eat the chocolate" more whining occurs. Then sissy pops off from the back seat "I'll eat some chocolate" I said "it's for Tye it's special chocolate"...more crying starts. Now I've got two kids whining and crying. I start yelling.....lose my patience...began to scream.....and throw the chocolate at him and tell him to eat it or I'm going to pull the car over. He throws the chocolate back at me....I pull over the car.....take my voice to the highest octave possible and force him to eat the chocolate. IT WAS NOT PRETTY!!!!!

What am I Doing?????? This can not be what I was sent here to do. I am a college graduate, I'm fun, light hearted, smart, sensitive and very easy going....but I'm going to loose my mind over a stupid piece of chocolate!

I want a red door on my mansion.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Island Fun

For the 4th of July Weekend we decided to head up north to Washington Island, a island about 30 miles off the northern tip of Door County located in the middle of Lake Michigan. It was a great trip, here's the recap.

We started off the weekend with a trip to the Golf Course. (Wes actually took all the kids golfing with him....and I'm not sure he'll do that again.) Taylor & I got some manicures.

I must say it's been years since I've had bright pink nails, but she wanted to be twins!

We then found a miniature golfing course that was all about Wisconsin, the picture below was Lambou Field, where the packers play.

We couldn't leave without the boys hitting in the Batting cages.

The ferry coming to get us....

Then we boarded the ferry to the Island
The kids thought it was so amazing that our car was on a "ship" as they called it. The entire ride over they kept asking me 100 questions. What happens if the ship sinks? Will our car still work? If a robber was chasing you would you jump off the ship? How far is it? Does the pee from the bathroom go into the ocean? (They kept calling it the ocean, when actually is was Lake Michigan) How big are the sharks? Are we going to race that sail boat? Literally 100 questions, I finally told them to close their eyes and enjoy the sunshine and wind in their lasted about 30 seconds.

I have so many pictures from the ferry ride, but this one was my favorite -Taylor enjoying the sunshine & wind....for a few seconds at least!

This was a picture of the port town and I don't know why, but I was very surprised to find the island so full of trees. Why was I thinking there was going to be palm trees.....I'm so losing my mind!

The first beach we went to was School House Beach. It was covered in white smooth stones, very unusual, but beautiful. The water was so clean and beautiful you could see forever.

The kids loved skipping rocks, but didn't like the fact they had to wear shoes to swim. The water was also a little chilly, but it was fun because there were so few people.

Next we took a drive, and there were so many neat cottages, old, authentic, pricey,rustic, mostly all of them were really tiny and very old, but I liked them.

We found the next beach, the first time I drove right past it because there was just this little sign pointing to the beach. We had to walk through this little tiny trail through the trees and...

We finally found the sand!

The next problem is that there was tons of marsh land between the sand and the water that my kids were like..."You got to be kidding me" "The rock beach was better" "This is crap" "The sand is burning my feet" Wes was also pretty crabby, and because I have been to Washington Island 6 times before I am supposta know everything about the stupid place.....

I finally just said, "Look, Mom makes mistakes to and this is nothing like what the brochure said." Needless to say we packed back out lunch, towels, toys, everything back into the car.

My kids just lying in the sand complaining...Wes sitting under a tree complaining and I'm the only one thinking of a solution to the problem....Lucky me!

We did find a little farm museum and stopped for a tour. It was actually a beautiful farm settled in the early 1800's.

The house was a little one room cabin and my kids thought it was so cool. I asked them, "could you live in this?" They were like of yes, it would be so fun...blah blah blah...on & on, why this would be sooooo cool.

Wes took them outside and showed them how they had to bring water in the house, and they were fine with that. He then showed them an old outside oven, how they use to wash clothes, grow their own food (no snacks) which they were all ok with, then ......

Wes showed them where they would have to go to the bathroom (picture above) when they couldn't make it to the outhouse and they were like....."FORGET IT" I'm not cleaning that thing out! You can imagine the other remarks made....but I'm trying to keep this clean.

Taylor and I enjoyed rocking on the front porch.

Tye loved pulling Tate & Taylor around on the old carriages.

What you probably didn't notice about the picture above was that Tate stood up and started pretending to whip the horses (Tye) and smacked Taylor right in the face!!!! She started crying and screaming like crazy that this couple came around the corner to see what happened and I said "Don't worry it's nothing, the Davis Family is just here, along with Mrs. Drama!"

We got on the Road again......

and as you can see the island was covered in vegetation, with big beautiful trees hanging over the small windy roads.

And Finally, after two previous attempts to spend the day on the lake, we found a beach.
One that was sandy,

Warm, and super fun to swim and play in....I did it!!!!

At the end of the trip before we headed for home, we found this fabulous ice cream store called "One more Lick" and trust me, they know what they are talking about.

There was a river behind it that you could canoe on in and it seriously was set so beautifully in the woods. They also had 2 huge playsets for the kids and Wes & I sat and read Sunday's paper. It was so relaxing~

Don't stop yet, the story is not done. Let me tell you about some of the "realities" of the trip that I do not have pictures of.

1. At one beach Taylor and I were standing in the water splashing around. Out comes a guy in a speedo....of course Taylor has never seen anything like this and looks and me and says "Nasty" I couldn't stop laughing.

2. I have to admit I got a little nauseous on the clue why?

3. The only healthy item of food my kids ate all weekend was the carrots and celery appetizer at Tony I terrible?

4. I was sitting on the beach, just thinking about how good it was to be away from the ranch when out of the blue Wes asks...."Do you have a calculator?" ....WHAT....are you serious???? I keep one right here in my beach bag. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES!!!!

I asked calmly, why do you need a calculator? He said, I think I want to buy a farm, I found a whole bunch of farms for sale on the Internet. In my mind I'm thinking.....Well, you already own every plaid shirt known to mankind so you mind as well buy a farm to go with them.

5. I have enough sand in my car to build my own beach.

6. I canceled our hotel rooms when I found out the swimming pool was out of service, totally irritating!

7. We had a pathetic attempt at pathetic It's not worth writing about.

8. Taylor has a Davis Bladder, and she has to go the bathroom ALL THE TIME, and I'm not exaggerating. We were standing in line at the ice cream store and a lady was in front of us. Taylor started dancing around, (The in trouble Dance) and out of the blue, she says to the lady..."Do you have to go poop or pee?" At this point what do you....

9. I ruined my manicure playing hours of Frisbee on the beach with Tye.

10. There was a very large man on the beach with us and Tate asked me why he had boobs? I started laughing and said, "Those are man boobs," he said..."I hope I don't get those when I'm a Dad." I said, "I hope not too!"

So there's the untold version.....

A Son who after I got my hair done on Friday Night was mad at me because "You still look like you".... he told me as I picked him up from the Golf Course. Thanks, son.

A daughter I can't even began to describe.

A husband who hates the beach, wants to become a Farmer but is a good sport with all these adventures I take us on.

And finally my last son, who is heading into a hard week. One of my favorite moments of the entire trip was when he decided to sit in the front seat with me and we just drove holding hands!

And the major miracle was that I actually got this thing posted within hours after coming home....miracle!