Sunday, June 20, 2010

New York, NY

In May I had the best trip in the world to New York, NY. We ate, ate & ate. We shopped, shopped and shopped. We saw the sights, went to 2 plays (Wicked & In the Heights - which I loved both), went to the museums, took a bus tour, got heckled by street vendors, rode the subway, took lots of pictures, met some wacky people, and laughed and laughed and laughed.

It was honestly a very fabulous trip, completely fascinating for this Wisconsin Girl...

We went and saw the Statue of Liberty...but it is actually really small!

The movies make it look big, but it's really not.

But the streets of New York are even more insane in person! The people, noise, honking taxi's, smells, funky getups and men in suits running everywhere is exactly what you see.

Central Park is actually very amazing. It's the only spot of peace and quit and normalcy. You see children playing and Dad's playing catch with their sons, but literally the children in New York City grow up on the streets. It is also HUGE, spanning many city blocks. But I completely understand why New Yorkers covet this park. (I would to if I lived there!)

We took a boat ride and had brunch at the boat house. It was also fun to see all the locations that movies were shot at. You almost felt that you had been there before.

Now, I mentioned that we shopped. But we Really Shopped! We took a behind the scenes shopping & clothing tour in the garment district. I have no sense of fashion, but I pretended for a day! Luckily I had the right girls with me to help me out!

We did shop, literally till we dropped!
But you can't help yourself! The shopping is indescribable, and fashion is such a part of life. Now let's put this in perspective. I live in De Pere Wisconsin, the anchor stores in the mall are Kohl's and Shopko, although we do have a Yonkers! But my daily life consists of jeans and a sweatshirt, maybe an occasional set of earrings. Seriously, I hardly ever dress up. I'm a Mom and I have 8,000 cattle in my backyard. Plus, who wears pearls to the baseball field? So to spend 6 days feasting on how cute I could be....was fun!

The highlight of the shopping was at Tiffany's where we all got matching Tiffany Toggle bracelets with matching Tiffany charms, it is a beautiful bracelet, but it's the memories and experience behind it that make it so special!

I also mentioned that we ate. This is the most truthful statement, I have NeVeR iN mY LiFe aTe So WeLL. The food actually had flavor, it was actually hot and I actually indulged at almost every meal, including breakfast. I have tried to erase the amount of food we consumed, but the memories are still there, and the fact that I had to wear strechy pants on the airplane home didn't even bother me! My tastebuds were in HeAveN!

Serendipity was amazing...I LOVED the frozen Hot Chocolate....even writing about if makes me homesick for NY. When I am in Vegas in August, I might just go straight from the airport.

The dessert...well you can see for yourself!

We ate at so many places....Sweet Pea's, Mary Beth's, lunch at Saxs.....
But the cream of the crop was "High Noon Tea" at the Plaza....Honesty - Over the Top! Our food was served on three tier platters...and trust me the atmosphere, the food, the service, the whole experience was seriously divine!

We went to Church, and that was quite the experience. You are walking along streets of high rise building and bam there you are, a Church and a temple! It's so bizarre, and then you see families coming out of the subways just walking in. I think that it is difficult to get to church, but I need to stop complaining! If I had to catch a taxi or cab....couldn't imagine!

Time Square is also a little extraordinary, the lights, action - it reminds me of Vegas without all the yucky magazines. It's busy 24 hours a day, and some weirdo's seem to emerge after hours!
We also had to visit Rockefeller Center, and even though I was not about to get up at 4:oo in the morning for the Today show or Good Morning America, it was fun to see where the filmed!

New York is difficult to explain, it is enormous, and it's a good thing I had great tour guides because I would still be lost. We went to this observatory and you can really get a glimpse of it's massiveness! Plus we had a great shot of it at was beautiful!

I loved New York and I also love who I went with.
Susan, Andrea & Ashley I love you Dearly!
Thank you for a trip of a lifetime!


Nicole B. said...

Man am I jealous. Seems like you are always off having fun. Looks like you had an amazing time.

Tanner and Chelsey said...

Oh Kim, I am so glad that you had such a wonderful time, you deserve it!! Thanks for the post, I loved looking at the pictures and reading all about it. I hope that you are all doing fabulous!!

Mrs. Olsen said...

You are looking good Kim! I realize you are rancher's wife but you DID grow up in the bright light city of sin remember? I'm glad you had a great trip. Are these Wisconsin buddies you went with?

MaryAnn said...

Looks like a lot of fun! The food and shopping sound great!

Kris said...

So so jealous of you right now! That is my dream city to go and visit. One day! Maybe we can hook up when you're here in August. I'll go to Serendipity with ya. Love that place!!

Karry said...

NY is such a fun place to visit - I'm glad you were able to go. Next on your travel list: Washington D.C and Boston. Other "must visits" in my opinion.