Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Story of my life...

The story of my life with my son Tate goes something like this....

Scene 1:

Mom: You have to do some chores before you can play

Child: Can sharpening pencils be my chore?

Mom: Nice try, but sharpening pencils is not a chore. Go clean the bathroom.

Child: I'm not cleaning the toilet, people poop in there.

Mom: Really, who do you think should clean it.

Child: Tye

Scene 2

Mom: It's time for Dinner

Child: I had 4 Ding Dongs, I'm not hungry

Mom: You ate 4 Ding Dongs?

Child: The white stuff is healthy.

Scene 3

Mom: Go take a bath.

Child: I don't want to.

Mom: Your stinky and sweaty go get in the tub.

Child: I'll just wipe my sweat on my sheets.

Anyone interested in a visit?

Scene 4

Mom: Wash your hands before you eat.

Child: Surprisingly washes his hands.

Child: Opens the drawer, sees that there are not any clean towels, comes behind me and wipes his hands on my pants, and walks away.

Mom: Speechless....

Scene 5 (Payback time)

Child: 5:45 am child is spanking mom on the bum thinking he is so funny.

Mom: Trying to pretend to still be asleep

Child: You got some junk in the trunk, giggles, and continues to spank, although this time to a little rhythm of some sort.

Mom: Decides it's payback time and let's one rip - (I normally do not admit these things, but it was so funny, right on his hand)

Child: Jumps back, can not believe what really happened, and left the room shaking his head in disbelief.

Mom: Seriously laughs out loud for 10 minutes, almost crying, it was soooo funny.

Child: Leaves mom alone for another 20 minutes.

Mom: Smiles & still continues to laugh every time I start thinking about it.

Scene 6

Picking up the kids from school.

Mom: Hi guys, how was school?

Tye: Fine, what's for Dinner.

Tate: I had to flip my card today. (It's what happens when your disrespectful, or bad at school, you go off the green card to yellow...then possible red)

Mom: Why did you have to flip your card?

Tate: I told my class how you farted on my hand and I couldn't stop making farting sounds.

Mom: Hung my head, totally humiliated, but still can not stop laughing....

Such are the stories of my life......Can't wait for Teacher Parent Conference next week!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Snow Fun!

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We had a Great Time Skiing & Tubing with the Shulz family...
Winter can be Snow Fun!!!!