Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beautiful Nauvoo

There are countless moments when the complexities of life wear me down. The moments of my inadequacy as a mother, wife, person in general seem to come more often and the trials of life seem to surface. Then you visit Nauvoo....

Enter the homes they left behind....
And walk in the streets where they walked...
The reverence is overwhelming,

The stories of hardship, faith and endurance bring you to a different understanding, and you are humbled.
When you cross the river they crossed,
You imagine life, their life and witness the simpleness of it all.You learn about a Prophet, his life, his legacy, and you love him so much more.
You stand in the room where he spent his last moments of this life...
And testify to your sweet sons of his divinity.
You pray, that your sons will love each other the way they did.
You treasure the fact that your family is forever.
Then before you go home, you realize how blessed you are to be a mother of them...

A Sister to her,
And to have the blessings of an Eternal Family.

And when those moments of inadequacy come, I remember, I remember them,
and hope to have more faith,

and remember the spirit that I felt, the witness that I received, the realization of sacrifices made, all for the Gospel that I love.
Beautiful Nauvoo....

Beautiful Nauvoo.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Costumes

My kids are very spoiled every year by a Grandma who finds the best costumes ever!! Every Halloween the kids spend hours in front of the computer picking out their costumes! It usually takes a few days to decide, and yet Tate is always a ninja, and Sissy of course, is always one of the princesses (very fitting for her little personality). Tye just wanted to be Football payer, pretty shocking!

One tradition we have is the annual photo shot - and trust me, my kids love it!

For the report of Halloween Night, you must ready my sister's blog, she is a much better story teller than I ever could be.

Enjoy the photos below!