Friday, August 28, 2009


**Before any of you read this will you please send me the address to your blogs, my computer was hacked and ruined so I need to place all your blogs on my favoite list again, I can't keep track of addresses!! Thank you!!!***
I know that August was here….I look at my calendar with everyday filled with play dates, trips to the beach, days and the parks, packer games, football practices, deadlines (for work…not my laundry, there are no such deadlines for the amount of clothes my kids seems to destroy during summer months). We were so lucky this summer to take so many fun vacations, spend time with friends, family and enjoying the long full days of summer. So here is a little of what our August consisted of…..

The county Fair – I’m so nerdy in the way I love home town county fairs the animals, parades, fried corn dogs and cotton candy, terrible rides that spin you around & around….but my favorite is always the Rodeo’s! I’ve been to many rodeos big and small and love them all…..

This is Tate & I on his favorite ride....let's just say It did me in! I made it off the ride and to the grass before I literally lost my lunch! The worst part is Tate grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of me...Don't worry I won't post those!

We also spent so many days on the beaches of Lake Michigan. OK it’s not CA, it’s not anything like the beautiful beaches on the west coast, but I refuse to let it stop me. Days in Algoma, Two Rivers, and Shawano…all these fun lakes with really nice sand beaches. I popped up my umbrellas, read magazines, listened to my kids fight over every single thing, lost my mind a few times, got told how terrible I was every time I told them it was time to go home. I actually have a tan line from a swimsuit and have cleaned enough sand out of my car enough times to fill a dump truck! Here some fun pictures of those days…..

Those little people way out there are actually my kids...the water stays shallow forever and it's fabulous, although the water is a little chilly.

My kids can honeslty dig in the sand for hours...

A lot of my days consisted of something like this…..
Kids: We’re board
Mom: Read a book
Kids: That’s more boring
Mom: You can help me do the dishes
Kids: We’re not the mom
Mom: (Gritting Her Teeth) why do mom’s have to do all the dishes?
Kids: That’s what Mom’s do.
Mom: Go outside and play
Kids: Play what
Mom: Here comes the list…..ride your bikes, jump on the tramp, ride your horses, weed the garden etc….
Kids: We did that already
Mom: You already weeded the garden
Kids: That’s not fun… that’s work
Mom: Well someone has to do it
Kids: When’s Dad coming home from work?
Mom: Not soon enough!

This particular day the kids were playing in the front flower garden where we have a crappy little waterfall that never really works. It’s our Dog’s favorite place and we finally figured out why….she loves chasing the frogs. The kids were thrilled to find frogs and I was in heaven because it kept them entertained for the afternoon. Pretty soon they had this cleaver idea that they were going to bring their frogs in so that Molly (the dog) wouldn’t eat them. I held my ground… frogs in this house. Here’s the story
Kids: Mom….We found a frog and it’s living in our house.
Mom: No you are not..put them back in the water or they’ll die
Kids: Your sooooooo mean

Here's the photo recap...

Tye all excited & happy they caught the frogs...

The kids trying to figure out the best way to make a house for it. (Notice they grab a bowl from the kitchen that the frog can jump out of....nice try!)

Here they are all marching back to put the frog in the pond and pouting and saying things like "This stinks, why can't frogs live in the house, Mom is sooo mean, Molly's going to eat the frogs, etc..."

They didn't realize I was taking their pictures as they were all huddled together making a plan to sneak the frog in the house at dark....good thing it never happened. They would really think I was a mean mom!

I could go on about Summer Afternoon’s at the Davis Household, but let’s just say I seriously needed a trip to the Salon to cover up the grey hair that is getting more & more noticeable summer after summer. I will miss

Fun days at the Park with Friends

Nights like this at Packer Stadium and fun day trips like to the lighthouse below.

Build a Bear will Miss us.....

The horses will feel neglected...

and Mom will be able to breathe again!!!!

September 1, was the big day back in school. The boys are in a new school this year and Taylor is in a pre-school two days a week. School supplies, new clothes, dentist appointments, hair cuts, a gigantic trip to Sam’s club for lunch snacks, princess backpacks and Tye is all the sudden to cool to wear jeans from Sams Club….seriously at 9!

Somehow my entire month is gone….the summer vacation wrapped up! Routines, schedules, 8:00 bed time’s, and I find myself already booked up for September! Here we come.....

Friday, August 14, 2009


My computer has been hacked...something off facebook, some kind of home video....Please watch out, my computed is totally ruined!!! This totally sucks! If you get anything from me on facebook, please do not open it! (So much for my anti-virus crap I bought) - can you tell I'm totally irritated??????

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ready to come Back

Coming home from a 10 day vacation and then trying to sum it up in one blog is literally impossible, (Without totally boring everyone). Adding pictures would take me a week since I took 2 cameras and came home with over 300 pictures. We really had a fun time visiting all our family and friends. The hard part was trying to fit everything and everyone in the short span of time. Luckily, we managed pretty well, but came home pretty tired. A short version of the trip.

Day 1: Arrived in Las Vegas then went to St. George & met up with some friends from Idaho.

Day 2 & 3: Cedar Mountain at the Cabin - Had a "Una Familia" Reunion with all the cousins.

Day 4: Lehi Utah: stayed with Uncle Ron and met all the future Davis members. (Wink Wink...way to go girls!)

Day 5: Left for Flaming Gorge & stopped in Wyoming to see Wes's Grandpa.

Day 6: Spent fishing at Red Lake with Tanner & Chelsey and Nikki & Travis.

Day 7: Rafted the Green River and Wes Fly Fished.....and caught nothing. Poor Guy!

Day 8: Left Vernal to head to Cedar City, ended up in Heber City and was late meeting all our friends...but luckily we still got to see everyone!! (This was not a pretty you can imagine).

Day 9: Spent with the Wise's swimming and lounging around all day, so relaxing! We all got a little sunburned, but totally worth it!

Day 10: Did some back to school shopping and had Dinner with all the family one last time before heading home. (I was soooo excited to shop and really found nothing, pretty disappointed!)

Nevertheless, Every time I go home I'm amazed at how lucky I am to have the family and friends that make my life so happy. Everyone always asks "How's Wisconsin?" You know it's really not that bad...the real truth is that I hate that I'm 3,000 miles away from people that I love to be with. It always hard coming back. Don't worry I've already started checking fare watcher to do it all over again! per request by both families below are the slideshows of some of the pictures...and yes, I will mail you all CD's so you have a copy!